wire grass

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Synonyms for wire grass

handsome hardy North American grass with foliage turning pale bronze in autumn

coarse annual grass having fingerlike spikes of flowers

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I grab the back legs, and we half-carry, half-drag the horse past the pond, past wild grapevines and straggly wire grass, past the scratching tree.
We walk together over cordgrass and across the marsh, past the scratching tree and the wild grapevines and the wire grass, past the pond, sparkling in the sunlight.
Wire grass (Deschampsia flexuosa) is especially important, as it remains green long after summer, even after the first snow has fallen.
These days, the biggest threats to the pine ecosystem are invasion by hardwood forests (which occurs when native wire grass is plowed or natural fires are suppressed), and outright replacement by tree farms and agricultural development.
In areas where the soil surface has not been severely disturbed, clumps of knee-high wire grass provide the creature with forage material in early spring, before other plants emerge.
From her worktable she sees him poke at the lily-bed mulch with the point of his trowel and pinch out by the roots, with his ungloved other hand, a bit of chickweed, wire grass, or ground ivy.
Apalachee Wildlife Management is almost 8,000 acres of scenic habitat that includes long leaf pines and native wire grass. This WMA is located in Jackson County on the western shore of Lake Seminole.
Favoring habitat with blends of wire grass, partridge pea, huckleberry and scattered palmettos, he avoids pastures of non-native Bahia grass--what he calls "ecological deserts."