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Synonyms for sample

Synonyms for sample

one that is representative of a group or class

a limited or anticipatory experience

Synonyms for sample

a small part of something intended as representative of the whole

items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population

all or part of a natural object that is collected and preserved as an example of its class

take a sample of

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The surfaces analyzed by both XRF and surface wipe samples included floors, walls, side panels, windowsills, and doors.
Agricultural and residential pesticides in wipe samples from farmworker family residences in North Carolina and Virginia.
The method detection limit (MDL) was found by multiplying the standard deviation of seven wipe samples containing 5.0 ppb As by a Student t-value of 3.143 to give an MDL of 0.10 [micro]g As per 100 [cm.sup.2] (Protection of Environment, 2007).
TABLE 1 Baseline Lead Levels of LWW Wipe Samples on Floors and Windowsills in All Homes Pb Loading ([micro]g/[ft.sup.2]) Location N GM (a) 95% CI (b) Floor 82 70.7 (54.6, 91.8) Windowsill 90 412 (337, 505) (a) GM = geometric mean.
The results of dust wipe samples taken beneath the laboratory-erected trees are summarized in Table 2.
There was no way to know whether pesticide concentrations on the day wipe samples were taken represented those throughout the season.
It consisted of an interviewer-administered questionnaire, collection of wipe samples, and observations of the residence and neighborhood.
Before cleaning, study staff collected a wipe sample and an EOHSI vacuum sample from a selected carpet, and another pair of wipe and vacuum samples from upholstery in each household.
To prevent contamination, the inspector performing the dust wipe collection used new, clean, disposable gloves for each wipe sample. In addition, all templates were wiped down prior to sampling.
Wipe samples were collected from the preparation and administration units at the beginning (B-WS) and at the end of the work shift (E-WS); when possible, samples were also collected in the middle of the shift.
All 11 employees were interviewed and provided lead hand wipe samples before lunch and at the end of their work shift after washing their hands.
wp 3: experimental determination of the resistance of wipe samples as well as their reliability.
In a study conducted in two Portuguese hospitals, the researchers reportedly analyzed 327 wipe samples to test for surface contamination of three drug surrogates.
Utility of snout wipe samples for influenza A virus surveillance in exhibition swine populations.
Contractors must clean floor surfaces to a lead level of 40 [micro]g/[ft.sup.2] and a third party must collect dust wipe samples verified through laboratory analysis; this inspection is called a "clearance" test.