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Synonyms for wipe

wipe something or someone out

wipe something up


  • clean something up
  • mop something up
  • sop something up

Synonyms for wipe

to remove or invalidate by or as if by running a line through or wiping clean

wipe out: to get rid of, especially by banishment or execution

wipe out: to take the life of (a person or persons) unlawfully

Synonyms for wipe

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The massive retailer added seven new baby wipes to the line, including Parent's Choice Cotton Wipes, made with recycled T-shirts, and wipes seasonal scents including White Tea & Honey and Fresh Woodlands.
The risk here is that lawyers might start paying attention to improperly labeled non-flushable wipes and their role in sewer problems and we would start seeing lawsuits involving them," Rousse adds.
And in the more robust personal care "moist towelettes" subcategory--defined by IRI as including toddler wipes, adult moist toilet tissue and a variety of hand wipes -- store brands saw a dollar sales gain of 12.
SENSITIVE SKIN They may be super-convenient for taking off make-up and speedy facewashing, but often, wipes aren't actually doing the health of our skin many favours.
Polyester Pinsonic 2-ply wipes 100 percent continuous filament polyester wipes deliver ultra-low particle generation, ideal for critical cleanroom environments.
Anticon engineers Peter Kang and David Hildreth noted that although there was a standard JEST test method for determining how many particles and fibres a wipe released, there was no standard test method to show exactly how many particles the same wipe actually picked up.
The alcohol-based solutions come in both convenient small bottles and throw-away wipes, so keep some handy in your bag or pocket.
The Agency is seeking comments on the requirements outlined for reusable and disposable industrial wipes and the no free liquids standard.
The KimTech Surface Sanitizer Wipe is made with Kimberly-Clarks patented HydroKnit[R] technology for durability.
To make this chore easier, Blackfriar Paints, based in Bristol, UK, has launched a paint preparation wipe that removes dirt and grease to clean surfaces such as wood and metal for painting.
NEW YORK -- The increasingly diverse uses that Americans are finding for wipes offer growth opportunities for retailers' private label offerings.
So is their painstaking research to find the perfect make-up wipe that removes every trace of make-up leaving our faces cleansed, toned and moisturised an attempt to repackage good old baby wipes with a new price tag?
The pre-moistened wipe contains a water-based cleanser that makes the skin feel freshly-washed-clean in just one step.
In addition, healthcare professionals advocate using disinfecting wipes in the workplace to reduce the spread of germs, and supermarkets also are keeping wipes in the limelight by dispensing general-purpose products that enable customers to wipe down shopping carts.
Nice-Pak has a product to meet each of these needs: Sani-Hands Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes, Sani-Wipe Surface Sanitizing Wipes and SaniCart Wipe Shopping Cart Disinfecting Wipes.