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childlike charm or appeal

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The rhetorical claim of a research territory and niche (a marketing term) is needed by the authors of the research articles as, `decisions have to be made about the winsomeness of the appeal to the readership' (Swales, 1990, p.
Into the girl's violet-tinged winsomeness he brings the exultant gloss of cherries and apricots.
PSALM 100,4 For the wisdom of age, for the worth of youth, for the winsomeness of childhood, we thank Thee, O our God.
Those who showed up (over the years, the ever-changing roster of participants included some of Russia's most prominent artists, such as Ilya Kabakov and Pavel Pepperstein) would typically be instructed to perform various tasks, blurring the distinction between participant and spectator in a way more connected to socialist notions of collective subjectivity than to, say, the winsomeness of Fluxus interactivity.
Yet Richard deliberately chooses detachment over intimacy or winsomeness.
It should sketch the winsomeness of the landscape; truly depict the habits and character of the people and the influence of social changes in the struggle between the old and the new.
And if his winsomeness did not hit home, Bright spoke to the businessman's fears.
I particularly dreaded the periodic appearances of the Chums of Chance, daredevil aeronauts whose winsomeness made me wish that a few of the lads would be impaled by a speeding V-2.
However, Nelson's Pass quintet succumbed To terminal winsomeness in its brawny Tayloresque athleticism; a tossed baseball cap punctuated the cadences in Bach's Violin Concerto in A Minor: too cute and derivative by halt, although newcomer Anne Zivolich proved an effervescent presence.
From the first he struck me as projecting all the winsomeness of a supremely gifted child.
Perhaps the catchiest observation of Bean's winsomeness, however, comes from his old boss, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, who used to tease him: "Billy Bean, Billy Bean, the boy of every girl's dream.
The great religions of the world each derive from a leader who spoke to human need in his own time so truly, so boldly and with such winsomeness that people could never be the same.
Expounding a sonnet of his, he considered, "The beauty of the body and its grace seem to proceed from being well proportioned, [from being] of graceful aspect, and in effect from a certain loveliness and winsomeness, which sometimes pleases not as much by the perfection and good proportion of the body as by a certain conformity that it has with the eye that it pleases, [a conformity] that proceeds from heaven or from nature.
Only for the sake of placing Run Lola Run in context will I behave as a spoilsport-the true name for "critic"-by pointing out that European directors before Tykwer have made on-the-run films that trafficked in the coolness of movies, the dangers of True Love and the ne'er-do- well winsomeness of a homely-handsome criminal.
Thomas asked me to choose the best slogans on the basis of the following criteria: "truthfulness, accuracy, profundity, import, impact, appeal, winsomeness, persuasiveness" and "memorability/memorableness.