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childlike charm or appeal

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It was said by a fellow minister that he was 'a great and good man who had winsomeness and charm'.
Yet Richard deliberately chooses detachment over intimacy or winsomeness.
Best of all though, it featured a Lady Di-haired Joanna Lumley at the peak of her statuesque, toothy winsomeness.
Danielle York provides the necessary winsomeness in the title role, Nic Greenshields' Prince is very tall - as are Ben Stock and Nathan Kiley as the Ugly Sisters Trinny and Susannah - and Neighbours star Stefan Dennis's Dandini doesn't really seem much of a villain.
It should sketch the winsomeness of the landscape; truly depict the habits and character of the people and the influence of social changes in the struggle between the old and the new.
Taking on the role of Clara, a young girl on the cusp of adulthood, Carol-Anne Millar has just the right balance of winsomeness and wonder as she trips between a doll-loving youngster and a prince-loving young woman.
And if his winsomeness did not hit home, Bright spoke to the businessman's fears.
I particularly dreaded the periodic appearances of the Chums of Chance, daredevil aeronauts whose winsomeness made me wish that a few of the lads would be impaled by a speeding V-2.
However, Nelson's Pass quintet succumbed To terminal winsomeness in its brawny Tayloresque athleticism; a tossed baseball cap punctuated the cadences in Bach's Violin Concerto in A Minor: too cute and derivative by halt, although newcomer Anne Zivolich proved an effervescent presence.
Perhaps the catchiest observation of Bean's winsomeness, however, comes from his old boss, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, who used to tease him: "Billy Bean, Billy Bean, the boy of every girl's dream.