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in an engaging manner


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In "Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer," writer/director Joseph Cedar has created a vivid example of the archetype (played winsomely by Richard Gere).
And the pro-Brexit Mrs Leadsom has winsomely sought to tickle its tummy by spouting trite, patriotic statements and shamelessly calling for a return of fox-hunting and opposing gay marriage.
A few are truly engaging and winsomely persuasive; another few feel rather detached; most fall comfortably in the middle of the spectrum.
Backed by Promise of the Real, a California-based band led by Willie Nelson's son Lukas, Young wraps his anti-GMO sentiments in the same kind of winsomely unpolished rock music that dominated past efforts like Ragged Glory and Mirror Ball.
Oliver Janes and Joanna Patton (clarinets) vividly depicted the two aspects of Berlioz's eternal feminine theme - winsomely angelic and shriekingly demonic.
Anholt is a prolific children's author, and he illustrates winsomely as well.
"In the pictures the women are in attractive poses and stare at the camera winsomely. They have names like 'Missy Lee' ...and comments such as 'I feel so good about myself'.
Larry Eskridge's thoroughly researched and winsomely written study of the Jesus People accomplishes several important tasks.
It is excruciating, exhausting, and winsomely exhilarating.
We exercise language, strenuously, perhaps winsomely, at the cost of all sorts of embarrassment, amateurishly or with great skill, in order to do something together, something that feels like art, and also like the making of a face.
| THE worrying thing about that photo of ex-Gordonstoun schoolboy Paul Macklin, a former long term guest of HM at one of her penal establishments, is the puppy he's so winsomely hugging.
There are certainly gaps, perhaps even some notable absences, but the aim of the book is not to exhaustively survey but rather winsomely convince that conversations on human security and religion are not only necessary to each other but are necessarily essential to one another.
We must pray for clarity of mind that we might understand this sufficiently, perseverance that we follow through, and gentle grace that we do so winsomely, so that our children will love us and through us come to love the Faith more than anything else.
But the chapter also nicely outlines the interplay between feminism and advertising that became key to women's glossies in the 1970s and '80s, with taglines that winsomely co-opted movement rhetoric in the service of shilling Clairol hair dye ("To know you're the best") and Enjoli perfume ("I can bring home the bacon/fry it up in a pan ..."), and ultimately ended up bringing record numbers of female professionals into the ad industry itself.
They will only come to a congregation with leaders who can winsomely show those people the God-shaped hole in their lives and invite them to a mature worshipping community.