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So ist WiNo mit funf Forschungs--und zwei Praxispartnern organisatorisch breit aufgestellt und hat damit hohes Potenzial, in die Region hineinzuwirken.
The two winos question the whole American way of life.
Cheap wines with down-and-dirty names--and an extra measure of alcohol-are the beverage of choice among down-and-out drunks, But winos are an embarrassment to the big companies that manufacture these wines.
The Indian Sergeant, Wonderful Wino, and The Hippy Dippy Weatherman were all born during this period in the mid-60's.
A documentary about Wino is in the works, directed by Asif Kapadia, who won a Bafta for his 2010 film Senna, about the late F1 racing legend Ayrton Senna.
y ners Swalrently sponsor for the es Golden Jacket, ing he her Crayford n, ity wino re than o esy Chamub chairman uin ownr kes are giving lease of 50 ained prize winner's choice.
J Acker was a Dogpatch Wino, so he'd known Smelly forever.
Talking with an accent that sounded part-Sean Connery, part-drunken old wino, Federico asked the female TV producer in charge of making announcements in the house that night what she was wearing, as well as making far more lewd comments - and the Scot hadn't even consumed any alcohol.
At St David's Hall, Edmunds will be supported by A Rhino, A Wino and A Lunatic - better known to Welsh rock fans as an acoustic version of Man.
Characters wino may equivocate to some degree eventually pledge allegiance to a cause they find to be both just and right.
Nonetheless, an entire world view is contained in these few stark paintings, wedged between the opposing poles of artmaking and despair, with hovering in back the doubled figure of the painter wino.
Wino, as he is known, was lining up again this year with our apprentice Karen Kenny up, but joined this time around by Monfils Monfils, partnered by Amy Ryan.
Johnny was engaged to Winona Ryder, who inspired him to get the tattoo OWinona ForeverO on his arm (now changed to Wino Forever).
Wino and cohorts compliment each other's talents to conceive a blistering blend of political-psychedoom with diversity.
Only after being requested to stop drinking by a police officer, and refusing to do so, will the park-bench wino be breaking the law and in danger of arrest.