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Synonyms for winnings

something won (especially money)


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Nonetheless she insisted that I ought to go halves with her in the day's winnings, and offered me 800 gulden on condition that henceforth, I gambled only on those terms; but I refused to do so, once and for all--stating, as my reason, that I found myself unable to play on behalf of any one else, "I am not unwilling so to do," I added, "but in all probability I should lose."
For instance, a gentleman may stake, say, five or ten louis d'or--seldom more, unless he is a very rich man, when he may stake, say, a thousand francs; but, he must do this simply for the love of the game itself--simply for sport, simply in order to observe the process of winning or of losing, and, above all things, as a man who remains quite uninterested in the possibility of his issuing a winner.
I said very seriously, "Yes," and then added: "Possibly my certainty about winning may seem to you ridiculous; yet, pray leave me in peace."
I can easily conceive that you might act in a way to loosen the tie she feels towards you--it must be remembered that she is only conditionally bound to you--and that in that case, another man, who may flatter himself that he has a hold on her regard, might succeed in winning that firm place in her love as well as respect which you had let slip.
Secondly, by winning to himself all the gentlemen of Rome, so as to be able to curb the Pope with their aid, as has been observed.
Texas law prohibits assignment of the winnings, except by court order, as well as collection of the amount in a lump sum.
On P's Form 706, United States Estate (and Generation Skipping Transfer) Tax Return, the value of the remaining prize installments was discounted to account for Connecticut's restrictions on Lotto winnings: (1) all prizes in excess of $1 million were payable in 20 equal annual payments, which could not be accelerated and (2) winners were forbidden from assigning or transferring their right to future installments to third parties.
The family, who wish their win to remain private, were still in a state of disbelief when they arrived to collect their winnings.
Also, she invested the other half of the $2,000 in contest winnings in Goldman Sachs Internet Toll mutual fund.
If he lands the bonus as well, his total winnings of more than pounds 360,000 will rank as one of the top five Scoop6 dividends returned since the Tote's bet was launched last July.
Frasher added that he plans to use his winnings to pay the loan on a new car he bought in 2017, and to pay off some debts.
Johannesburg, South Africa, November 29, 2011 --( The anticipation is finally over after Red Flush and Casino La Vida announced the start of Seasons Winnings. This year, the event will run from November 28, 2011 until January 8, 2012 and give online casino players the chance to celebrate the Holiday Season with 42 days of festive giveaways.
After winning the car Geraldine added: "Of course I'd love to hold on to it, but I think I'd rather put the winnings towards renovations for the house."
Johannesburg, South Africa, November 25, 2011 --( Seasons Winnings was first introduced during December 2010 as a festive promotion in line with end of year activities worldwide.
Net, or real, winnings are gross winnings minus losses.