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resembling a wing in shape or position

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In addition, one adult also had markings on its winglike forelimbs that suggest it bore longer feathers, ones that apparently possessed stiff shafts down the middle much like the feathers found on the wings of flying birds today.
By combining the neighboring hillside topography, as well as the city's bowl-like shape, with practical building techniques--"block size, unit size, urban regulations, and certain formal volumetric principles," van Berkel says--the firm constructed a cantilevering 9,900-square-foot sanctuary that seems at once firmly grounded and yet, with its jutting, winglike exterior, ready for takeoff.
PTEROPTERIDOID a coined word meaning 'both winglike and fernlike' (ptero- + pteridoid).
Crane's brilliant metaphor of the Brooklyn Bridge as a grand harp is also invoked in The Web and the Rock, where George Webber imagines the "Brooklyn Bridge with its great, winglike sweep, the song and music of its cables" (117).
The winglike broadening in type 3 setae may be a feature that facilitates the reception of hydrodynamic signals (Obermeier & Schmitz 2004), which suggests that it has mechanosensory function.
Come & Change this world with strength & perseverance Come & Grace this Earth with your own sense longing like the octorose of warmth u n f o l d i n g winglike petals unto dawn to soar, Yes, flying
Take an inflatable or winglike foil kite, tether it to a 25- to 50-meter line and strap it to the harness around your torso.
They maneuvered around one another, getting their bearings, kissing a lot, but much to Mooney's satisfaction they arrived at the moment of crisis in the same position he remembered from the first time, Camille poised above him, her hands planted on his chest, her elbows locked, her beautiful collarbones flaring winglike out toward her shoulders as her hair dazzled across the upper edge of his vision.
But it puts undue strain on the pectorals and lats--the broad, winglike muscles running from the spine to underneath the armpits--causing fatigue and tightness in the upper body.
The natural-colored linen crash overall had long trousers that fitted snugly at the ankles and was trimmed with patent-leather winglike inserts and cuffs, which Schiaparelli used because of the visual relationship of patent leather to the shiny wings of an airplane.
There are even pollen grains with winglike projections of the exine that aid in wind dispersal.
Like flying squirrels, colugos can stretch out winglike membranes, allowing them to leap off trees and glide for up to about 70 meters (230 feet).
Boney abnormalities observed in radiographs were confirmed, and hypoplasia of the winglike procoracoid process on the medial aspect of the proximal surface of the left coracoid was also noted (Fig 3B).
This passionate battle between the wind and the sea encapsulates all of the previous metaphors of form that proceed it, for the struggle takes on the birdlike, or winglike, aspect of the night, the wavelike aspect of the sea, and also the vacillations between light and dark seen at the beginning of the poem.
Perhaps a bird, in dull red-brown paint; hatched leaf-shaped area with a winglike motif above (or below) it.