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resembling a wing in shape or position

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As such, one can consider the "wings" seen in Ornithomimus "the most primitive occurrence of winglike structures in the dinosaurs leading to birds," Zelenitsky said.
But it puts undue strain on the pectorals and lats--the broad, winglike muscles running from the spine to underneath the armpits--causing fatigue and tightness in the upper body.
Like flying squirrels, colugos can stretch out winglike membranes, allowing them to leap off trees and glide for up to about 70 meters (230 feet).
Boney abnormalities observed in radiographs were confirmed, and hypoplasia of the winglike procoracoid process on the medial aspect of the proximal surface of the left coracoid was also noted (Fig 3B).
This passionate battle between the wind and the sea encapsulates all of the previous metaphors of form that proceed it, for the struggle takes on the birdlike, or winglike, aspect of the night, the wavelike aspect of the sea, and also the vacillations between light and dark seen at the beginning of the poem.
The seeds in most species are provided with winglike ridges.
WHEN GEESE FLY in their migrations, they fly in a pointed pattern with a leader in front and the others trailing behind in winglike formation.
The investigation has focused on the jet's vertical stabilizer, a winglike portion of the tail used to keep the plane level.
Continuo sports an asymmetrical design, while Goddess has a winglike, swept design.
Not only would the word kadosh be displayed in triplicate in flowing Hebrew letters, but the inscription would be carried on winglike forms, as if borne by seraphim.
It touched one lady's hair with its winglike fin; the lady looked around but didn't see the fish, even though it was right next to her.
She uses her winglike front flippers to drag herself across the sandy beach.
PHOTO : Kees Van der Westen draws his own espresso from his own "Zephyr" a relatively small, but elegant expresso machine which he built with a winglike slab of white carrara marble as a front piece.
Most of the half-block is covered by a two-level parking garage known as the "butterfly lot," named for its winglike upper deck.