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lacking wings


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Unlike the scenario in which the evolution of flight is the driving force for the origin of birds, the muscle expansion theory does not require functionally operative intermediates in the transition to flight, swimming, or winglessness, nor does it require that all modern flightless birds, such as ostriches and penguins, had flying ancestors.
Because of their slow locomotion, large size, and partial winglessness, tipulids are likely to be an important prey for chicks (Holmes and Pitelka, 1968; Pearce-Higgins and Yalden, 2004).
The 16 species that provide the lower branches, representing the more ancient lineages, had the supposedly newfangled characteristic of winglessness.
Chief among them is the bird in its various guises, including the swan, the eagle, the wingless geirfugl (now extinct), and all manner of wings and winglessness as imagerial constructs.
Genetic structure of two species of waterstriders (Gerridae: Hemiptera) with differing degrees of winglessness.