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lacking wings


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When she is captured by wingless cowboy fairy Yarlo, however, she learns that he and his companions are free fairies, escaped from the evil Unseelie kingdom that rules from under-the-sea headquarters.
Tomson Highway's one-act play about a wingless little mosguito from Manitoba is full of whimsy and wise humour.
Head lice are tiny, wingless insects that live on the human scalp and spread between people by head-to-head contact or the sharing of hats, combs, brushes or towels.
He ends up painting her wingless but every day she gains height as she sings, drawing fresh water from the well, lantern in hand, drying tea leaves in the delicate moonlight.
The insect is tiny and wingless with long thin legs.
by Hasan Shaban Al Lawati/ Groups of juvenile wingless hoppers and adults, as well as hopper bands and at least one swarm had formed on the southern coast of Yemen in March, where heavy rains associated with tropical cyclones Chapala and Megh fell in November 2015.
The atypical colony had 466 individuals (five workers, 432 wingless females + 29 winged, distributed into a fungal volume of about 0.7L), whereas the typical colony presented 728 individuals (719 workers and nine wingless females, distributed into a fungal volume of about 1.1L).
In the nocturnal Lampyris noctiluca, the wingless females use a green glow to attract flying males.
Apply grease bands at the bottom of your fruit trees which will prevent wingless moths from crawling up to lay their eggs.
These tiny wingless insects are spread by head-to-head contact and are very common among primary children, affecting anyone, no matter how clean their hair.
COTTAGE GROVE - The Northwest Wingless Tour championship will be on the line tonight when the series races for the final time this season at Cottage Grove Speedway.
Although it doesn't open for another month, you can already tell that Noah, Darren Aronofksy's action-packed account of the Bible's original beastmaster, is going to be harrowing, and not only because it features an 11-foot wingless fallen angel voiced by Nick Nolte: Without a single screening the film has unleashed a small torrent of articles asking the inevitable question, namely whether God could make it in Hollywood.
Borchers and Marcus [24] used DNA sequences from the nuclear wingless gene and anonymous nuclear loci identified by Randomly Amplified Fingerprinting (RAF) (a technique used to assess genetic diversity within populations [58-60] and gene flow between populations [61]) in addition to sequences from the mitochondrial COI gene.
That's the amount shelled out by KirKlees after a teacher tooK the council to court after being bitten by one of the tiny wingless BLOODSUCKers.
The device features a pair of cylinders containing propulsion fans attached to a free-standing carbon-fibre frame; the pilot backs into the frame, straps himself in and controls the wingless jetpack with two joysticks.