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a tuberous twining annual vine bearing clusters of purplish flowers and pods with four jagged wings

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Yard long bean and bush bean were harvested in February 10, 2015 whilst winged bean was harvested in March 10, 2015.
Functional properties of raw and heat processed winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) flour.
[29.] Narayana K and MSN Rao Functional properties of raw and heat processed winged bean (Psophocarpus tetra-gonolobus) flours.
Effects of heat treatments on trypsin inhibitor and hemagglutinating activities in winged bean. Plant Foods Human Nutr.
Hein says the winged bean lectin, when fed to mice, stimulates their immune system to produce antibodies that recognize the other researchers lectin - the same response that a vaccine elicits.
Noel Vietmeyer, a staff member of the National Academy of Sciences, believes it to be even more promising than the winged bean, another crop high in nutrients being developed for use in Third World countries.
Effects of germination on the proximate composition and nutritional quality of Winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) seeds.
This may be due to the globular nature of the major proteins, which is similar to that of winged bean [13].
There was the invigorating soup that had the local small clam called onnok and corn, a good roast chicken called pollo Imeldifico, a salad of pallang (winged bean) and tomato, blue marlin tinuno (grilled), and a very good dessert of coconut pudding.
Winged bean bush bean and rice crop plants were grown in a greenhouse with different rates of N fertilizer to estimate nitrogen agronomic efficiency (NAE) nitrogen recovery efficiency (NRE) and N uptake of rice when tropical two vegetable legume plants were grown in rotation with rice crop.
He also grows the small-fruited native squash and the native winged bean which has short pods.
The winged bean is one of the newest Asian vegetables coming to market these days, and its appearance is long overdue.
The main course was Blackmore wagyu short rib inihaw, with bistek Tagalog jus, sigarilyas (winged bean), kalabasa (squash) blossoms.
IVs include sweet potato (camote), taro ( gabi), cassava, black nightshade (amti), amaranth (kalunay), chayote, edible fern (pako), beggartick (puriket), spinach, water cress, Ceylon spinach (alugbati ), water cabbage (kangkong), waterleaf (talinum), wild cherry tomato, winged bean (sigarilyas/pallang), jute mallow (saluyot), horseradish leaves and pods, sesbania (katuray), among others.
A cropping sequence including rice after winged bean, rice after bush bean, rice after corn, and rice after fallow with varying rates of nitrogen (N) fertilizer were carried out to investigate the effects of legume residues and N fertilizer to clarify dynamics of soil N supply, N utilization in soil-plant system and grain yield of rice.