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having or resembling wings

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This propeller is meant to provide thrust to the pilot Loqman while he gets airborne with the help of a wing-shaped overhead parachute.
79, now pounds 1 DEW Drop necklace, left, by Gijs Bakker, 1983, made from acrylic and a photograph THE jewellery collection featured in #wearmima is not for sale except the Wingring by Ted Noten, 2011, a range of red and cream wing-shaped rings, priced pounds 50 each, shown by mima gallery assistant Lindsey Richardson, above
Certainly the face of the new car is particularly dramatic, thanks to its large bold boomerang lighting units which sweep down from the headlights to the fog lamps and incorporate unique wing-shaped daytime running lamps.
To reinforce the sense of motion, the artist incorporated a double zigzag in the middle ground, composed of a series of wing-shaped forms in gray and black, to further underline the vitality of the dashing flock.
The Eagle Eye "chrome-encrusted" headlights, which feature Vauxhall's signature wing-shaped daytime running lights and the new vertically stacked fog lamp units are designed to give the Corsa a much more sporty demeanour.
2F-H) tubular, relatively long, narrow at base and distinctly expanded towards apex; apical part bearing semicircular ribbon-like plate at left side arising from dorsal of aedeagus, apex rounded and slightly broadened, denticulate along inner and approximately 1/3 of outer margins, near base of plate slightly projected triangularly in lateral view; on right side of aedeagal shaft with pediform flat plate directed anteriorly and also another wingshaped lobe joining pediform plate as triangular flake medially; pediform plate and wing-shaped lobe connect ventrally, both with serrated margins.
It is wing-shaped, with a clear body and colored clutch.
It is not only the gullwing doors that are reminiscent of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, as the wide radiator grille with its large Mercedes star, the wing-shaped cross fin and the fins on the bonnet and flanks also hark back to the legendary sports car of the 1950s.
Software mogul Larry Ellison's giant trimaran, featuring a towering wing-shaped sail, beat Alinghi by more than a kilometre in the second race off the Spanish port of Valencia.
So over to you, Mark Adams, the Brit who led the Astra and Insignia design team: "The wing-shaped light signatures and the blade needed an individual execution to avoid cloning the model ranges.
Battling 35mph winds, Gail rides the Blokart, a three-wheeled buggy with hand-controlled sail, while Jason races in a mountain board, which is a skateboard/ snowboard hybrid propelled by wing-shaped sail.
Immigration, security and customs function within the wing-shaped terminal along with TAG's administrative and operations departments.
Not until the maple crowns bloom and wing-shaped seeds begin to twirl will anyone around here take a rest.
The car also has front and rear air dams, extra-low side-sills as well as a wing-shaped rear spoiler.