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a threaded nut with winglike projections for thumb and forefinger leverage in turning

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"Never been looked on as wing-nut before," she mumbled.
But unlike erstwhile free-silver champion William Jennings Bryan, Hart is a believer in evolution, or, as he terms it, "eugenics,"' by which he means racism in its most wing-nut dimensions.
You slide the little plastic gizmo onto your square, adjust the blade depth with a Wing-Nut, tighten it at the correct measurement using the knob, then pull the whole affair along and across the length of the sheet to score it.
The Tap Hook is simply placed over the outdoor tap and its swivel hook is adjusted with an easy-to-turn wing-nut to the most suitable position for your watering can or bucket.
Between the compressor plates is a natural rubber ring, which is expanded by means of a wing-nut on the shaft which, when tightened, doses the two plates and compresses the rubber ring-seal between them to seal the plug tightly inside the pipe or tube.
Underneath the wing-nut, there is an acetyl washer which, due to its low co-efficient of friction, allows the user to tighten and loosen the nut with ease.
One is that only wing-nuts of the most dangerous kind believe that society is controlled by a secret and omnipotent individual or group; the other is that conspiracy theory now dominates American political culture.
The new safety clamps, which can be easily identified by their red coated coloured wing-nuts, can only be released when the wing nut has been significantly loosened to enable the smaller diameter of the gate bolt to swing and pass through the sectioned gate.
Rowntree has ears like wing-nuts and a face which looks as if the midwife slapped the wrong end too hard when he was born.
Turn the hanger bolts into the support board with a locking pliers, then mount it to your saw by tightening the Wing-Nuts. Adjust the legs to level the table with the table saw and go to work!
* Nuts, Wing-Nuts, bolts and washers to attach the jack, roller and sawhorse.