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a shoe having a wing-tip toecap

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a decorative toecap having a point extending toward the throat of the shoe

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He had no time to react and the drone passed down his left hand side, missing the wing tip by about 6-8ft," it said.
The plane was photographed on the tarmac with part of its left wing tip missing before take-off.
According to the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), "In forward flight, departing or landing helicopters produce a pair of strong, high-speed trailing vortices similar to wing tip vortices of larger fixed-wing aircraft.
When flying in a V formation, a bird tends to flap so that one of its wing tips follows the route taken by the nearest wing tip of the bird in front.
Last month, Air Arabia took delivery of A320 equipped with Sharklet wing tip devices, becoming the first carrier in the Middle East to do so.
It added that all future A320s to be delivered to IndiGo will be fitted with the Sharklet wing tip devices.
The A320neo enters into service from 2015 and incorporates latest generation engines and large 'Sharklet' wing tip devices.
The second plane, a Skyraider, lost a large chunk of its wing tip but was able to fly on and land.
From the AIM Section 7-3-7: "In forward flight, departing or landing helicopters produce a pair of strong, high-speed, trailing vortices similar to wing tip vortices of larger, fixed-wing aircraft.
The A380 superjumbo, whose wings are made in Flintshire, North Wales, suffered damage to its wing tip after the collision with a building at the Le Bourget airport, where the Paris air show is taking place.
The lost fuel is caught in the overflow container on the wing tip relief valve.
05) mean values for brightness, color, or hue were demonstrated on the forehead, wing tip, and alula between the male and female groups (Table 1; Fig 2).
Taking three years, five crews, and a small armada of flying devices, Perrin and colleagues bring us wing tip to wing tip with birds migrating over seven continents and the open sea, showing us both the majesty and rigors of these marathon flights.
When this didn't work, he decided it would be best to fly up and tap the student's wing tip.
Likewise, the wing tip on that very first Boeing 777 out of production was oil by 0.