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the ratio of the weight of an airplane to its wing area

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We compared minimum echolocation call-frequency, characteristic call-frequency, mass, forearm length, wingspan, wing loading, and aspect ratio within and between the 2 species using 2 sample t-tests ([alpha] = 0.
The maximum level flight duration will be estimated and the corresponding optimum wing loading and battery ratio will be recommended by optimization.
In general, gusty crosswinds are the nemesis of taildragger pilots and that's especially true for the T-craft, again because of that low wing loading.
Body size has been suggested (5) to be an inaccurate predictor of the success of conservative treatment for coracoid injuries in birds, whereas aspect ratio and wing loading have been suggested (5) as better indicators.
While smaller bodies might seem a drawback, when combined with longer wings they probably increase flight performance by decreasing wing loading and improve overall survival," Nature quoted Coslovsky as saying.
Lasiurus cinereus is relatively large (adult body mass 25-30 g; van Zyll deJong, 1985), with a high wing loading and aspect ratio that allow individuals straight, fast, efficient flight necessary for migration.
Because surface area increases as a squared function of body length but mass increases as a cubic function of body length, larger dragonflies have greater wing loading than smaller dragonflies.
Aside from the technical aspects such as wing area and wing loading, we find that some fighters are far more maneuverable at low speeds than at higher velocities.
I will give one example, the wing loading of owls, for readers who have given little thought to the topic.
There may also be additional criteria - for example a maximum wing loading and maximum stall speed.
Wing Loading is the weight (mass x gravity constant) divided by wing area (S) and is proportional to fight speed.
While not all park flyers can bring their models indoors, and not all indoor models can be flown in the park, there is a good blend of technologies that can allow both objectives to be satisfied, depending upon wing loading and available flying sites.
Given the need for a high wing loading, low overall weight, and structural strength and simplicity, it's no surprise that Sky Car's structure is made of honeycomb graphite composites.
Wing loading has been used extensively in previous studies of seed dispersal and has been shown to influence dispersal distance and rate of descent (e.
As for the wing/thorax ratio, it is inversely proportional to wing loading, and presumably related to flight and dispersal capacity (David et al.