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the ratio of the weight of an airplane to its wing area

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Body size has been suggested (5) to be an inaccurate predictor of the success of conservative treatment for coracoid injuries in birds, whereas aspect ratio and wing loading have been suggested (5) as better indicators.
There may also be additional criteria - for example a maximum wing loading and maximum stall speed.
Wing Loading is the weight (mass x gravity constant) divided by wing area (S) and is proportional to fight speed.
Newly developed transport-aircraft approaching one million pounds gross weight with attendant increased wing loading highlight the urgent need for these studies.
While not all park flyers can bring their models indoors, and not all indoor models can be flown in the park, there is a good blend of technologies that can allow both objectives to be satisfied, depending upon wing loading and available flying sites.
Given the need for a high wing loading, low overall weight, and structural strength and simplicity, it's no surprise that Sky Car's structure is made of honeycomb graphite composites.
The winglets' unique design and carbon fiber construction minimize additional wing loading, while maximizing the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the aircraft.
Its large wings give you a very low wing loading with a high degree of maneuverability through thrust vectoring.