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having the taste of wine


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Images need to be blended into the comprehensive patient record, along with genomic information, claims data, wearables, and other disparate healthcare data sets," Winey tells Health Management Technology.
Professor Karen Winey said that there are two problems with ITO; indium is relatively rare, so its cost and availability are erratic, and, more importantly for flexible devices, it's brittle.
DtC Shipments by Winey Size Cases Shipped Winery Size by In Thousands Production in Cases <1,000 104 1,000-4,999 390 5,000-49,999 1,102 50,000-499,999 611 500,000+ 100 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Yet the inn won us over with A+ service, its winey Pony Club Bar, and a lovely central-courtyard design scattered with firepits.
The US high-rise market is 'pretty much dead', according to Dan Winey, a managing director for Gensler, the Shanghai Tower's San Francisco-based architects.
The US high-rise market is "pretty much dead," said Dan Winey, a managing director for Gensler, the Shanghai Tower's San Francisco-based architects.
Some nanotubes are "stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum and more conductive than copper," noted researchers Mohammad Moniruzzaman and Karen Winey of the Department of Material Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania in 2006 [6].
The meat was again tender and succulent, tasty without being too winey.
We got ready and went down, and we went to live with her brother and his wife, Winey and Ruth Huss.
Pitch black with a complex, roasty, almost winey aroma, O'Hara's starts on the palate with a soft note of chocolate and finishes appetizingly bitter and just slightly tart.
Winey, brought in their own collections of photographs to copy for the files and then asked others to do the same.
Our illustrators, often working far ahead in the hottest days of summer, must have had to climb into their family freezer for inspiration, or maybe they just read the descriptions of winter by noted nature writer Donald Culross Peattie: "[Winter] days have a bite like that you'll get when you set your teeth in a winey apple.
Vision Cellars, a boutique winey in Windsor, California, produces more than 2,000 cases of award-winning pinot noir annually.
Fromartharie's Garcia Baquero line has added Winey Goat from Spain, a delicious, firm goat's milk cheese that is bathed in the country's fabulous red wine.