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having the taste of wine


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The Shanghai Tower will have a double-layer glass exterior to insulate it and cut heating and cooling costs, an advanced feature that might be rejected as too costly to install in the US or other Western markets, according to Winey.
Although Moniruzzaman and Winey note that nanotubes were first used as filler in 1994, they stress that only a few commercially available products employ carbon-filled polymers.
Our timing was such that Steve Winey, manager and son of the founder, was able to give us a guided tour of the factory.
IGEN "opened offices in Winey, Oxfordshire, England and San Diego, California .
Winey, drawn from Augustus Longstreet, Georgia Scenes.
Silent night, oh holy lunatic night, she smirked, staring up into the starry black summer sky reminded again that Brice sang his Christmas carols at summer solstice, with great winey gaiety.
Fukuhara-Japanese Brand being used by: Winey, Baber Trading, Serena Knitwear, Al-Basim Fabrics (Pvt.
Ethiopian - rich, wild, winey, the first of the world's fine coffees;
When the Methodist man, long white ascetic face on him, rolled down the window, the winey, crack-besnotted person came alive.
These include our Master Napa Valley intensive for advanced-level wine professionals, the Wine Educators Academy for those who teach about wine, our Symposium for Professional Wine Writers, and environmental programs such as the industry-leading Napa Green Land and Winey certifications, international and domestic name protection work and a lot more," said NVV Executive Director Linda Reiff.
Spectrum Daiquiri Bar in Fortitude Valley has earned condemnation for naming two of its cocktails Winey Bitch and Red-Headed Slut.
I'm doing a few winey things at the Great British Cheese Festival at Cardiff Castle today.
The flavor has complexity, I like it, it's got a winey aspect to it.
In the same manner, Grace Tea Company's Winey Keemun English Breakfast, Connoisseur Master Blend and Owner's Blend Premium Congou have a loyal following for decades.