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an animal skin (usually a goatskin) that forms a bag and is used to hold and dispense wine

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If he does, the new wine will burst the skins, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined.
It was to settle the argument that wine drinkers of ancient times did truly enjoy good wines fermented in wineskins.
For the same reason, I seriously doubt whether the shared war imagery between the wineskin episode and the lovemaking scene with Lucius and Photis points to any structural or thematic connection between those episodes (Chapter 6).
6) We are given this key and left to put together the rest of the correspondence between assorted parts of the wineskin and the sexual act on our own.
To build a new faith-inspired movement on poverty required a new wineskin, not tied to the past.
It may even be possible, as commentators such as Richard Gwyn and John Ibbitson have suggested, that Canada is evolving beyond the traditional nation-state, transcending, bursting the old wineskin and becoming one of the world's first working non-nations.
Like Picasso or Charlie Parker, Kafka finds the old wineskin of artistic convention inadequate for the new wine of his modernist intuition.
I remember well their hearty Castilian cocido (chickpeas, bacon, chorizo, and beef), the big loaf of white bread and the wineskin of good tinto wine.
The number 4 might seem a sailboat in the Mediterranean, 5 a phallus and testicles, 6 a wineskin that men drank from at bullfights, 7 is our friend the nose, and 8 is a head on a body, his fat grandmother perhaps, while 9 might be a flower on a curved stem.
The half-moon moving in and out of the clouds was puffed up like a wineskin.
A : This is a large late 19th/ early 20th century bronze figure of Bacchus, the classical nude wearing a wreath of fruiting vines with a goat wineskin slung over one shoulder, standing on circular plinth base.
In recent months a similar "rediscovery" has been made in the Anglican Church to accommodate a situation where the bishop is convinced that the new wine will only be conserved for the church if a new wineskin is provided.
When Jake and Bill board the bus, one of the Basques offers his wineskin to Jake; when Jake starts to drink from it, the Basque good-naturedly makes a noise like a Klaxon motor horn, causing Jake to spill the wine on himself(pp.
Thus, Dicaeopolis' display of the wineskin in the last moments of the comedy is the climax of the play's central image: the average farmer's triumph over military might and his celebratory indulgence in the wine of peace.