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an animal skin (usually a goatskin) that forms a bag and is used to hold and dispense wine

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I remember well their hearty Castilian cocido (chickpeas, bacon, chorizo, and beef), the big loaf of white bread and the wineskin of good tinto wine.
The number 4 might seem a sailboat in the Mediterranean, 5 a phallus and testicles, 6 a wineskin that men drank from at bullfights, 7 is our friend the nose, and 8 is a head on a body, his fat grandmother perhaps, while 9 might be a flower on a curved stem.
A : This is a large late 19th/ early 20th century bronze figure of Bacchus, the classical nude wearing a wreath of fruiting vines with a goat wineskin slung over one shoulder, standing on circular plinth base.
Yet, there are no verbal reminiscences that justify a specific comparison between 2,32 and 11,1, and therefore I cannot see any reason why "the night-time encounter with Isis evokes the earlier wineskin episode" (p.
I joined them overnight sometimes, sharing their supper, drinking from their wineskin with my eyes in the stars, and listening to Sabas' stories of the two wars he had unwillingly fought: the one with Morocco in the '20s and the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War.
He said the sensible person does not tear a piece of cloth off a new garment and use it to patch a hole in an old one; likewise, it is foolish to pour new wine into an old wineskin (Matt.
As the fresh grape juice fermented, the wine would expand and the new wineskin would stretch.
You are a letter of Christ," Paul has said, which places a great strain on our trust in Christ, like new wine in an old wineskin.
This very lack of trust in the old wineskin has resulted in a devotional flowering among individuals.
The idea of a moratorium was to become a controversial new wineskin in the following years.
Jesus taught that putting new wine into an old wineskin will ruin both the wineskin and the wine.
The new wineskin of Greeley's recent recognition of Vatican II as a "revolution" is less sparkling.
4 Asleep, Don Quixote Fights the Wineskins, 1716 Charles Coypel Oil on canvas, 122x128cm Palais Imperial de Compiegne; long-term loan from the Musee du Louvre, Paris Photo: @RMN-Grand Palais/ Art Resource, NY
He had a wonderful way of taking the core of our Christian beliefs and values and pouring them into new wineskins that are more pliable.