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a glass that has a stem and in which wine is served

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The busy waterfront at Hobart, capital of Tasmania, and home of the Henry Jones Art Hotel Wineglass Bay in the 30,000-acre National Park
You can use any thin wineglass, but the way wine hits crystal sharpens its aromas and flavors.
A true risk management professional must be objective in seeing the wineglass as it truly is: half empty and half full, both threatened with loss and ready to embrace new opportunities.
But in our china cabinet there sits to this very day one rather plain, perhaps even ugly, but treasured wineglass.
Subject to final approvals, from October the new four day Wineglass Bay Sail Walk will showcase Maria Island, Schouten Island, Cooks Beach and Wineglass Bay.
Trailfinders flights via from Swansea allowed us the day to explore Dolphin Beach, Coles Bay and then the world-famous Wineglass Bay.
Inniskillin's ice wine is so renowned that wineglass maker Riedel crafted a special glass for it.
Karl said: "I'm really pleased to have been appointed as head chef here at the WineGlass.
LIMASSOL is now the home of the world's biggest wineglass after officially receiving the award from the Guinness World Records team on Thursday night.
New York, Aug 27 (ANI): A Canadian woman accused of injuring 'Inception' star Leonardo DiCaprio with a broken wineglass must undergo trial, a judge has ruled.
Place the pork in a roasting dish with a little salt and pepper and a wineglass of water.
Two of the biggest shape trends--the stemless wineglass and the varietal-specific wineglass--still influence the market, though in a different way and depending on market segment.
our fingers sliding up and down our wineglass stems.
Atta boy,' she says and she drinks the last inch of vodka from the wineglass.