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of something having the dark red color of red wine

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For a third shrub, I would choose the round, compact Berberis thunbergii 'Admiration', which has rounded wine-red leaves that colour brilliantly in autumn.
vulgaris 'Katherine Havemeyer', which produces double-flowered lavender blooms, 'Madame Antoine Buchner' which bears pink-mauve flowers or 'Souvenir de Louis Spaeth', for wine-red flowers.
which bears pinkmauve flowers, or Souvenir de Louis Spaeth, for wine-red flowers.
The content of Totsikas's work deals with painterliness and, in this instance, with the qualities and function of color seen in the rich depths of the industrialized sheen of the wine-red surface, the work's sole link to the Olympiakos team.
Good varieties include 'Firmament', which produces panicles of fragrant, single, lilac-blue flowers in May, and 'Andenken An Ludwig Spath', which bears branched clusters of wine-red flowers.
And it was Gail who wore the colours of Wales as she wowed guests in a wine-red dress.
For a more delicate plant trailing a couple of metres - though it will climb, tooLofos Burgundy Falls has vine-like leaves and wine-red slipper-shaped flowers
The ranch-style furniture is covered in wine-red fabric, and there are Indian-design rugs in the traffic areas, hardwood floors elsewhere.
vulgaris Katherine Havemeyer, which produces double-flowered lavender blooms, Madame Antoine Buchner which bears pink- mauve flowers or Souvenir de Louis Spaeth, for wine-red flowers.
ADRIENNE SAYS: Alliums, or ornamental onions, are a varied group with highly decorative flowers that range in colour from deep purple-violet, through pink and wine-red to yellow and white.
Another museum guard, dressed in a wine-red jacket, gazes into the camera as it passes by.
There are dozens of species of this popular shrub, and colors range from white to wine-red.
And VITICELLA KERMESINA is a July-September flowering variety which has wine-red flowers with black centres and reddish-purple anthers.
First to catch the eye are those with deep wine-red tints.
Rooms have rustic furniture, muted colors of wine-red, grayish green and brown, and plaid coverlets.