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a red as dark as red wine

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Finally, above the table two elegant but not ornate chandeliers with electric lightbulbs hang from the ceiling, and behind the diners there is a wall with gauze-covered windows to the right and drawn wine-colored drapes to the left.
The other day, I saw a wine-colored variety in full flower, but it is also available in pink, yellow and orange.
Wine-colored slate forms an elegant accent wall in this contemporary kitchen.
Several rich brocades and wine-colored embroideries could have been ripped from the curtain rods at Castle Dracula.
The bridesmaids wore wine-colored tea-length taffeta dresses.
Among the stars who best captured Hollywood's glamorous past Sunday night was Cate Blanchett, who handpicked the colors of her pale gold gown by Valentino that she accessorized with a wine-colored belt.
The wine-colored Elite comes with a Max cleaning cycle, remote control and wall mount.
A rich mosaic of red, brown, tan, and wine-colored bricks in different sizes gives a handcrafted appearance to the meandering patio shown on the opposite page.
British sculptor Marc Quinn's elaborate glass-enclosed cell, which changed, when triggered by a random electric charge, from opaque to transparent just long enough to reveal a lifesize nude of the artist, sporting an impressive erection and spraying wine-colored liquid from every orifice, was wrecked with a sledgehammer, and "Godless" was scrawled across it.
The collection opened with wine-colored trousers and models whose nails were painted dark green.
The strapless bodices were complemented with wine-colored satin ribbons centered in the front with a circular buckle of rhinestones.
My Healing Companion,'' a wine-colored cloth-bound book, was designed by Matt Hahn.
Featuring a bold orange track and wine-colored support structure, Raging Bull's 202-foot-lift will dominate the Park's "skyline," dwarfing its neighboring roller coasters the Viper and the American Eagle, whose maximum heights are 100 and 127 feet, respectively.
Ruby Glow', with double wine-colored flowers, is the most widely sold.
One, for example, appears to be nothing more than a lump of opaque wine-colored plastic.