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a waiter who manages wine service in a hotel or restaurant

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The enjoyment of fine wine enhanced by the expertise of your wine waiter is yours for the asking.
And within minutes of being left in our elegant accommodation a wine waiter appeared with a bottle of champagne and two glasses on a silver tray to allow us to raise a toast to the next seven days at sea.
I used to be a wine waiter in a restaurant - that probably helped," he said.
Born in Trimdon C olliery, Ron started his hotel career in London as a wine waiter at the Royal Aero Club in Berkeley Square.
Newcastle Gateshead Festival Director Simon Preston, left, with wine waiter Tony Penrith and waitress Muriel Vanel ready to take orders at The Pearly Diner
It was while he was a wine waiter at the Dorchester Hotel in London that he met Frankie Howerd in the late 1950s.
A personal wine waiter was on hand to guide us through the complexities of a wine list that madeWar and Peace look under-researched.
One in five would consult the internet (28%) or, when dining out, a wine waiter (22 %).
Richard Brennan, chief executive of Birmingham Forward, was there doing a very good impression of being a wine waiter - well they tell me the organisation is supposed to be about serving the business community.
And we played out the old joke by toasting absent friends, particularly the wine waiter.
He told the wine waiter the bottle was bad and the waiter argued that the actor was very wrong.
I love wine, and I spent a summer working as a wine waiter at St Pierre Restaurant in Chepstow.
The wine waiter, who had been French up until then - 'zis ees un tres bon vin, monsieur' - suddenly revealed that he came from Small Heath and produced a bottle that tasted as if it had been filled from the sewer outfall at St Andrew's.
It was the second time in the week that former wine waiter Bennett, on loan from Southampton, had left it late to earn the Shrews a good result.