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a gathering of people to taste and compare different wines

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Summertime means sun, fun, and wine tasting with the Summer Pass.
26, complete with access to nationally and internationally acclaimed winemakers, intimate wine dinners, bottle signings, wine tastings and, for the first time this year, a Pinot Noir "camp" seminar.
During the wine tasting event on April 13, Kate Middleton was pictured sipping from Prince William's cup of red wine, as the Duchess primarily stuck to white wine for the event.
Wine tasting is not always an exercise in snobbery.
4 for three hours stay and allows unlimited wine tasting.
Premier Birmingham restaurant and cocktail bar Pushkar will be exhibiting, while experts from The Wine Tasting Company will be offering visitors the opportunity to learn more about wine tasting and how to perfectly match food and wine.
The resorts will host the exclusive wine tasting sessions on the opening day of the festival, August 4, 2011.
The wine tasting package will consist of two sessions, each comprising a lecture and tasting, and is charged at pounds 25 per participant.
But for both players, the wine tasting was left to the guests as they were both playing at the weekend.
April 24-25 and May 15-16: "Barrel Into Spring" Wine Tasting, Grand Valley.
First Wednesday Wine Tasting and Sale" features 10 wines of the Northwest Cost is $15 for wines and appetizers.
is one of 15 chain grocery stores and 15 independent grocery stores participating in a state Liquor Control Board pilot project to offer in-store wine tasting, according to an Aug.
Oscar's Vine Society at the Crowne Plaza are hosting wine tasting evenings every Wednesday, at which guests can brush up on their wine knowledge, as well as wet the whistle with a couple of sample glasses.
A walk-in wine tasting experience is also available from pounds 12 per person and, if that gets your taste buds going, then you can book in for a wine-tasting session where a group of six of you can sample up to six wines from around the world.
Written by veteran wine tasting tour leader Mike O'Beirne, The Wine Tasting Guide to California Central Coast: 230 Wineries From Paco to Mailbu You Won't Want to Miss lives up to its title.