wine making

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the craft and science of growing grapes and making wine


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Barley and Vine opened in 2009 by Dan and Kat Vallish as a home brew and wine making supply shop.
Brad revealed to the magazine that he equates the wine making process to the process of making a good film.
This festival aimed to create awareness not only about the art of wine making, but also its commercial potential as an industry, encouraging the farming community to grow more fruit trees thereby realising the full horticultural potential of the state.
Elofsson sees wine making as "a collaboration between man and nature" and calls it a "cultural product.
17, 2013, the Artful Winemaker wine making kit is available for $149.
After years of working as a computer programmer in Leeds, I decided I'd had enough and opted to follow my passion of wine making," said Paul.
Wine making has been a part of Chilean daily life since the first Spaniard colonizers arrived in the mid 1500s.
Romans refined the wine making process around 2 millennia ago.
He saw winegrowing and wine making as collaboration with nature and the wine as a natural expression of the soil, climate and vine.
a well-known wine enterprise with thirty years of experience in wine making and selling, is particularly active in brand promotion and seeking international recognition.
The two-day festival provided an opportunity for the local wine makers not only to showcase their brewing skills in wine making, but also to open market linkages.
Saturday at Cellar Masters Home Wine Making Club in Woodland Hills.
Ancient wine residues usually cast a reddish hue, but on closer inspection of the substance, the scientists hit pay dirt-the oldest known evidence of wine making, dating to between 7,000 and 7,400 years ago.
While most wineries stay open year-round, fall marks grape harvest season and the best time to celebrate the art of wine making and a successful harvest through events such as wine tours and fall festivals.