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someone who makes wine

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distillery where wine is made


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At a tasting in Belfast on Monday wine maker Felipe Tosso stressed the need for getting the land just right for making fine wine.
The completion of this testing and enhancement process will allow Proton to develop a compact and turn-key device which allows a wine maker, bartender or a wine connoisseur, to dial in the necessary electrolysis level to achieve the desired wine features.
Future Maker Dinners will include a revolving cast of Sonoma County farmers and artisan producers and their products, including Twisted Horn Ranch owners Dave & Kristine Beck and their longhorn cattle beef, cheese from Valley Ford Cheese with rancher/cheese maker Karen Bianchi-Moreda; Longboard Vineyards wine maker Oded Shakked; Canvas Ranch produce with farmer Deborah Walton; Kelley and Young wine makers Kathleen and Jim Young; Redwood Hill Cheese's David Bice; and many more.
Talking to the wine makers at the event, who are some of the best at their craft, they are able, due to this business model, to concentrate on the important aspects of the process and even take a punt on certain unusual approaches, such as New Zealander Rod Easthope, senior wine maker at Craggy Range, and his full throttle, rich EASTHOPE AND EASTHOPE GATECRASHER SAUVIGNON BLANC, which has a full 12 months on the lees plus a whole year in barrel, so unusual for sauvignon blanc.
22 December 2011 - Indian spirits and wine maker United Spirits Ltd (BOM:532432) has mandated Standard Chartered Bank, DBS Bank and Rabo Bank to arrange its planned issue of foreign-currency convertible bonds.
99 and from great Aussie wine maker Brian McGuigan, the Rhne Valley styled red McGuigan Bin 736 Shiraz Viognier and the rich white McGuigan Bin 218 Chardonnay Viognier are both half price from pounds 9.
and Australian wine maker Daryl Groom have launched Colby Red, a private label table wine.
ADPnews) - Feb 10, 2010 - Austrian champagne and wine maker Schlumberger AG (WBAG:SLBS) said today its consolidated sales rose 5.
Beefy united with fellow ball chucker Bob Willis and wine maker Geoff Merrill to produce the Botham Merrill Willis label.
com"s database includes detailed information on over 40,000 SKUs, including labels, wine maker notes, professional ratings, customer reviews, geographical information, and flavor profiles.
I tasted one with Jeff Clarke, the chief wine maker of Montana, New Zealand's largest producer, and one of the very best.
A CELEBRITY wine maker has said the Irish have the competition over a barrel when it comes to selecting the best tipple.
The duo have injected an initial investment of more than pounds 1million in the new venture, which is being run by wine maker Tony Hindhaugh.
the world's largest wine maker, named Jon Moramarco as president and chief executive of its Europe operations.
Suntory will initially sell the wines, produced by major French wine maker Groupe Castel and sold under the Suntory label, at restaurants with an eye to expanding sales channels to supermarkets and other retailers later, it said.