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a connoisseur of fine wines

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Make sure you keep the bar carts of the wine lovers in your life stocked with tons of booze and bubbly this Christmas.
London [UK], October 27 ( ANI ): If you are a wine lover, then we have some important news for you.
BOSTON -- Whether it's pinot noir, merlot, chardonnay or cabernet sauvignon, wine lovers in Massachusetts will soon be able to have some of their favorite bottles shipped straight from the vineyards to their homes.
All these compulsions conspire to prevent Delhi's wine lovers from having their own private spaces.
"One of the firm's popular products is our Wine Lover's chocolate Collection, which pairs six dark chocolates with red wine varietals," said president Michael Litton.
Of course we couldn't dine at a wine lover's utopia without ordering a bottle.
Now in an updated fourth edition, The New Wine Lover's Companion is a user-friendly reference to the world of fine wine, with alphabetical entries covering everything from "alluvial soil" (a type of soil prized in the viticultural world for the flavorful grapes it produces) to "Zinfandel" (a red-wine grape grown primarily in California).
Local wine lovers Moira Moynihan-Manoog, Jim Vasiliadis from O'Hara's Wine & Liquors in Worcester and Rick Lombardi from the Vin Bin in Marlboro give some perspective on the essential components of a wine lover's kitchen.
Every corner of Bordeaux has a story to tell but that doesn't make the life of a wine lover easier.
Goldfinger must have asked the same question before creating his new diet book for winos: The Wine Lover's Healthy Weight Loss Plan ($16.95, McGraw Hill).
A WINE lover with a sweet tooth is expected to pay more than pounds 250,000 for 130 bottles of vintage plonk.
Come experience the magic of serendipity by being a part of this celebrated food and wine lover's get away.
Sid Goldstein, vice president of Fetzer Vineyards, zeros in, with unintimidating technicality, on the behavior of flavors in food and wine in The Wine Lover's Cookbook: Great Meals for the Perfect Glass of Wine (Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1999; $22.95; 800/722-6657).
A wine lover here said the festival is an excellent opportunity for those, who want to get a taste of variety of wines brought from across the world.
Written by a wine lover for wine lovers, "Libation: A Bitter Alchemy" will be a delight for those who view wine as more than an alcoholic beverage.