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Gareth Edwin Pengelly was found outside the phonebox in Llanelli town centre with a bloodied hand and a broken wine bottle.
Johnson claimed he poured the second wine bottle down the toilet but judge Michael Longman said: "When people act irresponsibly and idiotically like you did, sentences of imprisonment will always be required.
When comparing the years before and after the investments, we can identify reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of 10% and water consumption of 24% during the life cycle of a wine bottle.
Funk Rock Designs: These Cobbled Granite Beverage Dispensers are hand-made in Maine and will accommodate any wine bottle and most liquor bottles with a natural found beach stone for the spigot handle.
On that date both parties were said to have been in drink when Hewitt allegedly struck Mr Duncan with a wine bottle.
Mirabeau Wines owner Stephen Cronk's video shows, which has already clocked up over 140,000 views since it was posted on Tuesday, has him taking off the foil wrapping, placing the wine bottle in his shoe, and then banging it against a wall, the Mirror reported.
The court heard how the youth's DNA was found on the broken wine bottle and his finger prints were found at the scene of the second theft.
Minimum wine bottle orders are around 1 million cases per year: According to WinesVinesDATA, only 30 wineries in North America currently produce that volume.
By TOM PETTIFOR A fAther who smashed a wine bottle over a diner's head for complaining about his baby crying was jailed for two years and five months yesterday.
based New Leaf Wine did a plastic wine bottle test with Woodland, Calif.
In 2007, the first 750-cc PET wine bottle molded and filled in North America was for a Boisset wine shipped from France.
Meyda Lighting has recently uncorked its new Amber-colored glass as an addition to its popular Wine Bottle Pendant collection of hanging lights.
The X-rated antics of the busty exhibitionist who simulated sex with a wine bottle proved a big turn-off for the Zimbabwean nurse.
Quinn and her best friend Rose are surprised when an old wine bottle washes up on the beach, containing a letter from a lonely nine-year-old boy.
In a second act of the evening, participating artists were each awarded a wine bottle by another artist as recompense for their labors.