wine barrel

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a barrel that holds wine


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Fortunately, many retailers readily stock chandeliers made from reclaimed metals and wood, such as the Wine Barrel Chandelier collection from Restoration Hardware.
Dan Fitting, for instance, started a fine wine barrel furniture business this year.
In the kitchen the university's cafeteria staff had laid a buffet, complete with various sausages, for they, too, had much liked the bishop, and the guests all loaded plates and drew coffee from a red urn nearly the size of a wine barrel.
When used as staves in a wine barrel, the wood imparts fairly heavy-weight oak characteristics.
It is like a refreshing wine barrel into which now and then I sybaritically dip my tongue.
What is the sediment at the bottom of a wine barrel called after fermentation?
Hotel Lindenwert: Ruedesheim am Rhein - Another German hotel where guests can stay in a wine barrel near the Rhine.
Give your delicacies a rustic spin on a 12" ($39) or 23" ($99) lazy Susan cut from the bottom of an oak wine barrel.
The recycled plastic packaging features a wine barrel shape with rings, staves, a wood-grain look and burned-in imagery.
The bottles will be launched this month along with a new format for the company's first bag-in-box wine, which will take on a look similar to a wine barrel.
Jeffrey of Calluna Vineyards first experimented with red wine barrel fermentation in 2002 with Alain Raynaud in Bordeaux, a pioneer with the practice.
Historians think archery teachers shortened some arrows and had their students throw them at the bottom of an empty wine barrel.
With an ingenious trademark- and patent-pending barrel design featuring the iconic wine barrel shape complete with rings, staves, a wood-grain look and burned-in imagery and typography, the Mini-Barrel has a fresh-from-the-winery feel - a driving feature of this inspired new package.
Caption: David Jeffrey of Calluna Vineyards will discuss his experiences with red wine barrel fermentation at the Wines & Vines Oak Conference on April 26.