windward side

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the side toward the wind

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For wet, it's hard to do better than Hilo, on the windward side of Hawaii's Big Island.
With his target hidden in smoke, Fraser broke with normal tactics and flew round the cloud on to the windward side of the enemy where he could see the leading cruiser.
Supporting stakes should be one third of the height of the tree above ground and positioned on the windward side of the tree.
Raising contours opened to the wind produce up currents on the windward side, reverse eddy currents over the crest on the leeward side.
The windward side, which is exposed to wind stressors, has very dry, permeable soil conditions, with vegetation consisting mainly of cushion-like plant species, as well as small patches of grasses, sedges, herbs, dwarfed willows, and lichens.
In a direction away from leeward side objects one can observe rise of surface soil temperature, and from windward side objects--vice versa, its decrease.
There was no way I was budging from the swim-up bar of the adults-only pool my first day on island, but bright and early on day two I hunkered down in an oversize De Palm Tours Jeep to check out the terrain on the windward side of the island, which I'd been told was different from the side on which I was staying.
Clean from the windward side of the object and make sure no one is downwind.
This fog freezes to the windward side of tree branches, buildings, or any other solid objects, usually with high wind velocities and air temperatures between -2 and -8 degC (28.
Always plant to just below the original soil mark on the stem before inserting a stake on the windward side to prevent rubbing against the support.
For example, when considering an irrigated windward valley, such as California's San Joaquin, the more-humid windward side would experience reduced density (increased DA).
It can be said that coastal response to the lengthening of jetties in the sectors close to the Klaipeda port confirm the commonly recognized rule that when jetties cross the alongshore sediment migration flow in shallow sandy coastal zones sediments are accumulated on their windward side and are eroded on their lee side.
We looked at placing storage facilities on the windward side to act as "walls" and thus decrease energy need for heating the main buildings.
Put the stake on the windward side of a tree, so wind blows it away from the stake.
Put the stake on the windward side of the tree, so that the wind is blowing the tree away from the stake.