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Synonyms for windward

the direction from which the wind is coming

the side of something that is toward the wind

Related Words

on the side exposed to the wind


away from the wind


References in classic literature ?
On the next tack to windward the Greek offered to change places with Charley.
On the row to windward they always gained on us, so that they were half-way down the ship's side on the row to leeward when we were passing the bow.
It appears, from some old charts, that the long island to windward was formerly separated by wide channels into several islets; this fact is likewise indicated by the trees being younger on these portions.
From regarding me curiously, he turned his head and glanced out over the leaden sea to windward.
At daylight, with Pitcairn three miles to windward, Captain Davenport made out two canoes coming off to him.
You are up to windward now, and you'd better keep off a few points.
Captain Davenport was murmuring as his ship forged clear; but he broke off abruptly to gaze at the shoal which should have been dead astern, but which was already on the PYRENEES' weather-quarter and working up rapidly to windward.
Performance of the Windward portfolios is based on actual returns, net of all fees and expenses.
Direct Nickel (earlier WinTech Group) has raised A7 million in funding through major investments by Windward Prospects and the CSIRO to modernize the firm's Perth demonstration facility leveraging its revolutionary nickel extraction process.
Campbell Hall held helpless Windward to just twopoints in the third, pushing its 20-point advantage to a 70-24 lead.
A decade ago, two-thirds of the bananas we ate in Britain came from the Caribbean, notably the Windward Islands of Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent and Grenada.
The four Windward Islands are expected to produce about 84,000 tons of bananas this year, way down from last year's output of 140,000 tons, said Bernard Cornibert, CEO of the Windward Islands Banana Development & Exporting Co.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Charles Schwab Corporation today announced an agreement to acquire Windward Investment Management, Inc.
Viewpoint 3, Windward 0: Samantha Borenstein had 27 assists and Marisa Leonard added eight kills to lead host Viewpoint of Calabasas (19-4) to a 25-15, 25-22, 25-16 first-round win over Windward of Los Angeles in Div.
Banana producers in the Windward Islands have staked a claim to a larger share of the EU's lucrative banana trade.