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a secret agent who was one of the Navajos who devised and used a code based on their native language

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The WindTalker solution brings to market a new technology that will significantly enhance how information is protected and shared across today's dynamically changing computer networks.
Like the Native American code talkers of the past, WindTalker uses "native cryptography" to encode sensor information and communications rapidly and securely.
The Windtalker Encryption Device (WED) enhances the functionality of the TruLink system by providing the first available Type 1 encrypted secure wireless intercommunication capability to be certified by NSA for these applications.
Well, when I did Windtalkers, my character was gay.
They helped with every US Marine assault from 1942 to 1945 - with their exploits turned into hit film Windtalkers in 2002.
The actor's believable onscreen anger, it would seem, is partly borne out of the fact that he's made so many duff-to-rotten movies in recent years, from Captain Corelli's Mandolin to Windtalkers, Ghost Rider, Next, Bangkok Dangerous and Knowing.
The technique was spotlighted in the 2002 Nicolas Cage movie Windtalkers in which Navajo indians talk in their own language on the radio to confuse the Japanese.
From here, it's on to the Godzilla location, which contains a remnant dinosaur footprint, then the locales for Mighty Joe Young and the World War II drama Windtalkers.
The handsome co-star of Hollywood's blockbuster film Windtalkers, Adam Beach, presented Aglukark with her award.
In 2002, Hollywood made the film Windtalkers about the Navajo contribution to the war, but the story plodded through cliches, failing to bring out the story of the young sheepherders, who served a great nation at a time of peril.
The handsome co-star of Holly wood's blockbuster film Windtalkers, Adam Beach, presented Aglukark with her award.
Prior to his Travolta/Cage team-up he turned out two moderate but generic action movies in Hard Target and Broken Arrow while subsequently there's been the noisy but empty Mission Impossible II and the heavily flawed Windtalkers.
Local--boy-made--good Adam Beach, of Dance Me Outside and Windtalkers fame, was on hand to promote a late-night screening of Katie Tallo's Posers.
Mimic 2 (15), Windtalkers (15), Hart's War (15), Clockstoppers (PG)
WINDTALKERS (15) JOHN Woo is the ultimate action director and his fans won't be disappointed with the flying bullets, epic explosions and spectacular stunts here.