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a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast

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The morning is then either spent at church, watching unintelligible TV or playing with presents found in windsocks before lunch is served - a special type of porridge, with cinammon and melted butter on top and a choking hazard contained within.
The distribution of different LAA morphologies was Cactus (30%), Chicken Wing (48%), Windsock (19%) and Cauliflower (3%) (2).
small airport's windsock, the blond wood for the beans, a garden
This windsock appearance is most commonly located in the second portion of the duodenum and consists of the barium-filled diverticulum that lies entirely within the duodenum (Figure 7).
Nowadays John Gosden would be forgiven for having a windsock on his roof and a weather balloon tethered permanently to his head lad, but mostly he relies on the internet and diligent racing secretary Peter Shoemark.
The airport will also install a Carmanah L806 solar powered windsock.
Last year saw the company make its first windsock mast, with 130 of the products shipped to Iraq for use at a BP oil field.
I think I'd look like a windsock if I wore it again
Bulgaria's site has three sections a TRUTHMETER, WINDSOCK and BOYKOMETER to measure the level of fulfillment of promises and the adherence of public figures to initial statements and opinions on important matters.
Earth's magnetic tail is the part of the field that's stretched out like a windsock by the sun's steady bombardment.
A new beacon and a windsock will also be put in place.
Gemma is a bit of a tomboy and when I saw her walking up the aisle I was flapping like a windsock.
The external microphone can be used with a foam or a fluffy windsock to reduce wind noise (Figure 3).
The time came for takeoff, and the windsock was pointing straight out from the south at 30-plus knots.
The head of that comet, where the magnetism is the most intense, is the Earth, then a huge magnetic tail stretches out directly behind the Earth, opposite the sun--like a windsock in space.