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transparent screen (as of glass) to protect occupants of a vehicle

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Putting tint on the entire car's windshield is not allowed in the new traffic law but drivers can put tint for 5.
Windshields and auto glass are designed to contribute to safety, design, sophistication and in the coming years, a lot more.
The automaker will use the Gorilla Glass hybrid panels for both the front windshield and rear engine cover, saving weight and reducing the centre of gravity.
Keeping your distance allows gravity to take control first, pulling the debris lower before it hits your windshield.
Unfortunately, when I read the instructions, I found that the windshield had to be clean and dry before applying Rain-X Plastic.
In order to secure the windshield to the opening in the body, and keep the wind and rain out, that gasket has to wrap around both sides of the windshield frame and both sides of the windshield itself.
aThe new polycarbonate windshield is an exciting addition to the Aeronautical Accessories product line,a said Jennifer Lunceford, manager, Sales, at Aeronautical Accessories.
We've not lost a windshield in about four months," McBeth said.
Air India's Executive Director ( Commercial) Pankaj Srivastava told M AIL T ODAY that " damage of the windshield is common among aircraft".
Apply it and you'll actually be able to see through the windshield on rainy days--much safer boating
said on Thursday it is recalling new models of the Civic compact car and Odyssey minivan over leaking fuel tanks and faulty windshield wiper rods, respectively.
was ordered to pay a $10,000 penalty for a severely scratched windshield on a gator that was used on every shift, seven days a week, with Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission ALJ Margaret Miller increasing the penalty from MSHA's initial fine of $8,209.
Four days ago a butterfly splattered into the windshield of my not-so-eco-friendly car.
This home based business is dedicated to the repair of windshields in commercial fleets, city fleets, rental, transport, and truck companies and auto dealers through a licensing process that uses the most proven technology for windshield repair.