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Synonyms for windpipe



Synonyms for windpipe

membranous tube with cartilaginous rings that conveys inhaled air from the larynx to the bronchi

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At the Bons Secours Hospital in Dublin, doctors noted a polyp in her windpipe had grown and a biopsy was taken to check if it was malignant.
In those, using the drugs for three years or more the risk of cancerous growths in the mouth, nose and windpipe appeared to treble.
researchers led by Glenn Green at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor reported using 3-D printing to produce a plastic splint for keeping the windpipe intact.
Prosecutor Shaun Dodds said other family members pulled Burton off as he was again pressing his thumb into the man's windpipe.
Yorkshire terrier Mitsy, from Pennywell in Sunderland, was saved after suffering a windpipe collapse during the warmer summer weather.
The family were having dinner on Monday evening when a chicken bone got lodged in Sue's windpipe.
Don't follow the recipes that tell you to either trail the windpipe over the side of the pan to "drain away any impurities" (yuk) and don't listen when they tell you the windpipe is what gives the haggis its flavour.
A 53-year-old Emirati man died after a big chunk of paratha (South Asian flat bread) got stuck in his windpipe while having dinner with his friends at a hotel in Fujairah on Monday.
Hywel Llewelyn Hughes suffered a head injury and a tear in his windpipe when he was ejected from Joop in Bangor High Street in May 2003.
The polymer material Seifalian uses for his organ scaffolds has been patented and he's also applied for patents for their blood vessels, tear ducts and windpipe.
Much of his autobiography -- ''Heimlich's Maneuvers: My Seventy Years of Lifesaving Innovation'' -- focuses on the maneuver, which involves thrusts to the abdomen that apply upward pressure on the diaphragm to create an air flow forcing food or other objects out of the windpipe.
Five months ago, Ethan underwent a unique operation, the first of its kind in the region, where cartilage was taken from his ribs and put into his windpipe to widen the airway.
Additionally, there is a gateway hypothesis which states that windpipe smokers are more likely to switch to cigarettes within the next three years.
Washington, May 1 ( ANI ): Two-year-old Hannah Warren lived her whole life in an intensive care unit with a breathing tube, as she was born without a windpipe and has been unable to talk, swallow, or eat on her own.
Hannah's windpipe was made using a plastic half-inch diameter tube that was soaked in a (http://www.