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examine the shop windows

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1 May 2014 - US multimedia company LIN Media LLC (NYSE:LIN) said it did not receive any superior offers during the window-shop period of its deal to be acquired by local television broadcasting and digital media company Media General Inc (NYSE:MEG) for USD1.
They want a town square where they can dine, see a movie and window-shop.
Beyond the scheme of things, however, all asset management accounts vary widely, and any interested investor would be wise to window-shop different vehicles before committing his or her hard-earned savings.
2 -- color) Rene Silverman, left, 15, and her mother, Katherine Bradford, window-shop at Na Hoku, which sells Hawaiian jewelry.
3B provides these resources in a 3-D environment, which allows women to virtually window-shop websites and stores, giving them the opportunity to immediately view what each one offers.