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Miyazaki said he is in close contact with Kyocera and the revelation of window-dressing should not have an adverse impact on the support plan.
Merchants like Philadelphia's John Wanamaker shaped the holiday by using religious images and symbolism as, literally, window-dressing to promote the sale of consumer goods for family-oriented celebrations.
Among the topics on their radar are Kristin Davis looking fab at 45, Steamcream teaming up with PPQ, how the "Cougar Town effect" has got women spending more on lingerie, and Florence Welch and Dizzee Rascal go window-dressing.
A WINDOW-dressing competition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kirkwood Hospice has a winner.
Stallone (who offers homilies such as ``Life is a fight'') and Leonard (whose advice rarely deviates from ``Go for it'') are mere window-dressing.
currently rehabilitating itself, is believed to have been window-dressing its earnings reports for about a decade, former employees said Monday.
But MacKay denied that they were guilty of window-dressing by recycling old news to make the Executive look good.
Help the Aged, in Queens Road, is taking part in a window-dressing competition to celebrate Volunteers' Week.