window seat

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a bench or similar seat built into a window recess

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He insisted Prof should vacate his window seat, which the old man quietly did for his original aisle seat next to him.
The man presumably had picked out a window seat, but instead got a blank cabin wall to lean on.
TAKE A SEAT Who doesn't love the idea of a window seat? Relaxing on a sumptuous cushion gazing out across your beautiful surroundings?
This kitchen-dining space features a wide window seat, contemporary tiled flooring and fireplace that houses a wood burning stove.
Summary: Now, every seat at this aircraft is a window seat; find out what it feels like
If you want to take a nap, go argue with the man next to the window seat, he might just allow you to rest your head on the half-of-a-table.
I had painstakingly booked a window seat and chose a non-vegetarian meal for myself but when I saw Taapsee, my first instinct was to offer her my seat," Saqib said in a statement.
The incident happened July 15 on a flight to West Palm Beach, Florida, from New York's LaGuardia airport, when Coulter was reassigned from an aisle to a window seat on the exit row.
My wife Maria has the middle seat next to me so that I don't have to talk to someone I don't know in the window seat. No man is an island, said poet John Donne.
There's a window seat in the sunny south-facing living room, a skylight in the tight but efficiently equipped kitchen, and a covetously rare private roof deck. has posted an advertisement for their new Flight Web Check-In app, which not only pokes fun at the President of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union, Kanhaiya Kumar, but also at our infactuation with the window seat on a flight.
This was compounded by the hotel's decision to install a padded window seat in front of the window, just a short jump away from the bed.
As a result, the fire damaged sofa, refrigerator, and a window seat. The fire was caused by the improper use of electrical appliances.
Sitting in the middle seat has long been considered as pulling the short straw; siblings and family members pin you in on both sides, you're robbed of a window seat and there's limited leg room.