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Yesterday, the hospital denied the window pane had fallen 100ft to the ground and insisted it had simply cracked.
But it ill-behoves the supporters of Ms Eagle to complain that the effects of a single broken window pane have upset her, when she actually voted to persecute an illegal war on Iraq killing a million men women and children, destroying its infrastructure and spawning a snake-pit of lunatic terrorists, who will probably kill many more before they're finished.
The manager of the shop, Richard Lee, arrived for work yesterday morning to find the pavement outside strewn with broken glass from a smashed front door window pane.
CCTV footage from the church premises shows one of them breaking a window pane.
A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said: "Police were called to a property in Coldbath Road, Billesley, just before 5pm on Tuesday after a window pane was shattered.
More than one shot may have been discharged and a bullet hole was visible in a window pane in the front door frame of the house.
WINDOW PANE IT'S one of the newest checks on the block and you might find style inspiration watching Grand Designs rather than catwalks.
Window pane short sleeve top PS25, matching jacket PS40 and trousers PS25, boots PS40, all from Dorothy Perkins
com | Window pane short sleeve top PS25, matching jacket PS40 and trousers PS25, boots PS40, all from Dorothy Perkins
Summary: Malaysia: The window pane bearing an image said to resemble the Virgin Mary has been .
ANDY Flower knows Matt Prior will quickly put his "freak accident" with a Lord's window pane behind him - and thinks everyone else should do the same.
An England spokesman said: "There were bats resting on the window pane.
A cracked or broken window pane will not only cost you downtime, but also an expensive trip to your aviation support company for them to fix it.
30pm) RUBBING a peep hole in the frosted window pane with a mittened hand, most of us will probably look out onto the frozen bone yards that once were our lush, green gardens and promptly draw the curtains.
Judge Desmond Marrinan was told Donegan, from Carnhill in the city, and an unnamed accomplice managed to remove intact a window pane but fled when they were disturbed by the house occupants.