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sheet glass cut in shapes for windows or doors

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Offering a comprehensive approach from window screen repair to window glass replacement, bathroom mirrors, and glass cutting services, this team of professionals is committed to providing area residents and businesses with the custom glass solutions they need.
They were making window glass, but everything that could be made in glass was made on this site and we have found all of it.
The focus is on windows and window glass because, in an era of R-19 walls and ceilings, R-2 to R-3 window glass has been the energy efficiency weak link in the building envelope.
Currently, blast-resistant window glass is more than 1 inch thick, which is much thicker than standard window glass that is only one-fourth of an inch thick and hurricane-protected window glass that is one-half of an inch thick," said Sanjeev Khanna, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in the MU College of Engineering.
A residential window glass supplier uses an overhead lifting solution to reduce handling time and increase safety and efficiency.
Having once supervised a dissertation on window glass workers, (1) I thought I knew quite a bit about the glass industry, but this very fine book showed me that I had more to learn.
Door and Window Glass Service, Sales and Installation Company.
The transparent solid is similar in structure to the ordinary amorphous silica in window glass.
The discrimination between samples of window glass by combining physical and chemical techniques, Journal of Forensic Sciences (1978) 23:250-262.
Even in a warm room, window glass remains cold and will conduct heat out of the house.
From a nondescript warehouse in west Eugene, Chris Jenkins transforms discarded window glass into artful adornments.
Restoration needs include $100,000 for the roof, $200,000 for window glass and stonework and $275,000 for the interior, where the walls are marked by cracks and water damage.
Some in the industry propose recyclers ditch any attempt at quality control and recycle all types of glass material--from bottles of every color to window glass, windshield glass or mirrors to achieve the largest volumes for pavement, aggregate and drainage markets.