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an envelope with a transparent panel that reveals the address on the enclosure

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Instead of writing pointless letters to foreign heads of state, why do our evidently under-employed local representatives not make themselves useful by campaigning for a complete ban on non-recyclable window envelopes and tighter controls on junk mail?
I see the window envelope - and I just throw them away," said Sylvia Loe, the secretary who opens letters for the Arizona Republic's editorial page editor, William Cheshire.
New ez1095 software feature will now support #10 double window envelope to save time in mailing multiple forms," said Dr.
Window envelopes often are an economic necessity, because a closed-face envelope means the nonprofit mailer has to choose between omitting the name from the letter and/or the response device, which tends to reduce response, or suffering the cost of printing the name on both the envelope and an enclosure.
Did you know, by the way, that you can now be fined pounds 5,000 for burning a window envelope as the EU has now made it illegal to burn plastic in an open grate?
Interfilm) and The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:Dow) are improving the sustainability of window envelope films with the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset the conventional energy expended at Dow's Hebron, Ohio plant in the production of PROCITE(TM) Window Envelope Films.
The second was a small window envelope enclosing a typewritten index card, showing the donor's giving history.
The offer came in a window envelope, with the "teaser copy" showing through from the letter.
Then this week we received a yellow window envelope with only the publisher's initials in the return address and a prominent, all-caps STATEMENT ENCLOSED printed in black above the window.
Laser the donor's identification number on the outer envelope or have it showing through a window envelope.
The offer came in a window envelope, with large "teaser copy" touting the benefits: "Earn more than 9X the national average with your Orange Savings Account.
Data could come from a number of different sources; the reports had to be formatted for printing at any one of TransUnion's three different printing facilities; and the finished documents had to fit one of nine different window envelope positions.
It's 9x12, or rather the slightly taller and slimmer British A4, with window envelope, two-page salesletter, four-page brochure, one-page Editor's Note, order form, and reply envelope.
All three chose a business window envelope with teaser copy on the outside.
But when your #10 window envelope arrives addressed to B.