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an envelope with a transparent panel that reveals the address on the enclosure

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Window envelopes often are an economic necessity, because a closed-face envelope means the nonprofit mailer has to choose between omitting the name from the letter and/or the response device, which tends to reduce response, or suffering the cost of printing the name on both the envelope and an enclosure.
One day in mid-November, in the mailbox was a very sparse, and official looking, double window envelope package that begged to be opened.
Interfilm customers may include a "Certified Wind Power" logo for their window envelope products and should contact their Interfilm representative or Richard Martin at Interfilm headquarters in Greenville, S.
in a #10 white window envelope along with a #9 (pink colored paper as stated above) business reply envelope for customer use.
The Number 11 is slightly larger than a standard Number 10 and usually is more productive, but if you have a window envelope the response device could shift slightly out of the window.
NYSE: MWL), the world's largest envelope manufacturer, today named its new safety window envelope the Visulope(TM).
Tenders are invited for Medium Size Window Envelope White Colour Size Gsm And Printed Matter As Per Sample With Railway Emblem On The Left Hand Side Cover.
The offer came in a window envelope, with large "teaser copy" touting the benefits: "Earn more than 9X the national average with your Orange Savings Account.
Then this week we received a yellow window envelope with only the publisher's initials in the return address and a prominent, all-caps STATEMENT ENCLOSED printed in black above the window.
Laser the donor's identification number on the outer envelope or have it showing through a window envelope.
Tenders are invited for Small Size Window Envelope White Colour Size Gsm And Printed Matter As Per Sample With Railway Emblem On The Left Hand Side Cover.
All three chose a business window envelope with teaser copy on the outside.
It's 9x12, or rather the slightly taller and slimmer British A4, with window envelope, two-page salesletter, four-page brochure, one-page Editor's Note, order form, and reply envelope.
Window Envelopes: The new Window Envelope Internet postage labels let
Data could come from a number of different sources; the reports had to be formatted for printing at any one of TransUnion's three different printing facilities; and the finished documents had to fit one of nine different window envelope positions.