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Synonyms for factor

Synonyms for factor

one of the individual entities contributing to a whole

one of the conditions or facts attending an event and having some bearing on it

Synonyms for factor

one of two or more integers that can be exactly divided into another integer

any of the numbers (or symbols) that form a product when multiplied together

an independent variable in statistics

be a contributing factor

consider as relevant when making a decision

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The temperature was around about freezing with a very strong windchill factor, and the ground was covered with soft snow over ice.
With blustery Santa Ana winds racing through the region, the windchill factor put temperatures Monday as low as 27 degrees while the National Weather Service issued a red-flag alert for fire danger.
The Premierleague leaders will (hopefully) have just returned from Dubai by the time the third round tie on January 25 comes around and the change from 30 degrees to a windchill factor of minus five will be hard to take.
Although daylight shines 24 hours a day during what is summertime in the Southern Hemisphere, temperatures have dropped to 100 degrees below zero with a windchill factor.
Temperatures of minus 30 degrees, with the windchill factor making the air feel even icier, meant that for his Siberian challenge Jack had to swap his trademark suit and tie for the native dress of reindeer hides.
The windchill factor dropped to about 30 below zero at the 7,000-foot level.