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They seemed to be 20 to 25 and were wearing balaclavas and dark windcheaters.
Nearly everyone is in jeans, many of them also sporting windcheaters and sweatshirts bearing the colours of unlikely Super Bowl winners the New Orleans Saints.
Consequently, one saw batik print lining inside windcheaters, tie- and- dye detailing on shorts, crushed linen shirts and angrakha style, longcrushed silk jackets over bermudas and vests.
Knitted or crocheted lines covered include: men's or boys' shirts; T-shirts, singlets and other vests; Jerseys, pullovers, cardigans, waistcoats; wool overcoats, car coats, capes, cloaks, anoraks (including ski jackets), windcheaters, wind-jackets; blouses, shirts and shirt-blouses; panty-hose and tights, stockings, understockings, socks, ankle-socks, sockettes; underpants, briefs and knickers and briefs; nightshirts, pyjamas, bathrobes, dressing gowns; night-dresses, negligees; bras; (and) synthetic curtain fabric, including net curtain fabric.
There are also the matches against the Windcheaters from Royal County Down, the Pirates from Muirfield, Scotland, the Erratics from Royal Porthcawl and the Moles from London.
The label's big sellers, besides its graphic T-shirts, include windcheaters, gilets and shirts, include windcheaters, gilets and T lumberjack shirts.
The steady 58-year-old has a sense of humour that he keeps under his hat and rarely shows to anyone but close friends and immediate family, but he raises a smile at the sight of his string heading off to their morning's work in their new livery, a set of smart windcheaters with the name Serious Attitude printed neatly on every rider's back, kindly donated by the filly's co-owner Derek Willis.
They think nothing of donning windcheaters, a kind of sports casual version of the anorak.
Some Labour MPs have been known to turn up without a tie and in windcheaters but it is highly unusual from a Conservative member, particularly one with three incomes.
The voluntary street patrols in distinctive red berets and windcheaters are protecting petrol stations in and around the Washington area where eight people have been killed and two wounded by the gunman.
Tranquillity came to the Forest of Arden yesterday, which was to say that those contesting the British Masters could climb out of their windcheaters and give their thoughts to their scores.
Instead only a few brave souls with umbrellas and windcheaters ventured on to the soggy sands and grey surf.