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hedge or fence of trees designed to lessen the force of the wind and reduce erosion


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If you need to move your hives in order to take advantage of a permanent windbreak, like a fence, make sure you do it in the evenings and only a few feet at a time.
Alternatively, you could go for a fence-like windbreak such as woven wattle or willow hurdles, available from garden centres or local craftsmen.
Alternatively, go for a fence-like windbreak such as woven wattle or willow hurdles which are available from garden centres or local craftsmen.
Another benefit of a permeable windbreak is that it catches accumulated snowfall and distributes it more evenly over the ground.
A few hundred yards ahead Clyde entered the 20-yard thick windbreak of aspen, willow and a smattering of spruce, and he bumped another single sharptail.
Pseudosasa, sasaella or bashania are fine for an exposed spot, though you may need a temporary windbreak while they are establishing.
The St Ives Windbreak mats (pictured top) are pounds 17.
One half can be left fairly near the scope as a windbreak.
Protect tender and newly planted trees and shrubs from frosts and cold winds by using either a netting windbreak or by packing straw around them.
The "feedstock" would be the indigenous jatropha plant, an oil-bearing hedge frequently used in Africa as a windbreak to prevent soil erosion.
A listing of the farms used, corn row orientations, and windbreak heights, lengths, and composition are shown in Table 1 for the 3 yr of the study.
At the conclusion of his well researched article Winter Tipi Camping: the Double Lining author, Pete Roller, speculates about cane windbreaks: "maybe next year I'll make an eight-foot high windbreak of woven sticks and brush surrounding the tipi.
The program also sets benchmarks for preserving the 7,000-kilometer stretch of windbreak forest across Japan.
For modern broilers, trees may offer shade, protection from predators and a windbreak.