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hedge or fence of trees designed to lessen the force of the wind and reduce erosion


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When pioneers moved to the Nebraska Territory, which was at that time a treeless plain, they needed trees for building materials, fuel, windbreaks and shade from the hot prairie sun.
If you need to move your hives in order to take advantage of a permanent windbreak, like a fence, make sure you do it in the evenings and only a few feet at a time.
Alternatively, you could go for a fence-like windbreak such as woven wattle or willow hurdles, available from garden centres or local craftsmen.
Alternatively, go for a fence-like windbreak such as woven wattle or willow hurdles which are available from garden centres or local craftsmen.
It is actually better to have a slightly porous windbreak, where some of the wind can get through, than a solid "wall." This actually reduces the velocity of the wind and disperses it over a larger area.
A few hundred yards ahead Clyde entered the 20-yard thick windbreak of aspen, willow and a smattering of spruce, and he bumped another single sharptail.
The windbreak height, h, and the eave length, a, are indicated in the windward parapet sketched in Figure 1.
There has been much research undertaken on windbreak fences.
We have a seaside garden and need a windbreak. What do we use?
The cards from the day's other meetings can be fashioned into a sun hat or a thermal sleeping bag, and with enough rubber bands a pile of ante-post betting slips makes a good windbreak.
Erect a temporary windbreak around newly planted evergreens.
It features a new Bianco and New Light Blue colour scheme, a new roof spoiler, a new windbreak and an interior trimmed with carbon fibre.
The Trees Conservation Committee directed Thompson to contact Chary to ask that trees be replanted in the spring of 2010 along the stream and along Ellis Avenue as a windbreak to mitigate the trees which had been cut without obtaining prior permission.
The idea of Kansas fills the screen--November, windbreak of
The St Ives Windbreak mats (pictured top) are pounds 17.95 for six also from placemats.