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a gauge for recording the speed and direction of wind

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AN UNEVEN sand pit for the long jump event, no wind gauges in use and no electronic timing equipment for some of the events -- these are just a few of the technical issues that have come up during the Railway Athletics meet here.
The hunter's range finder said the distance was 700 yards, and his wind gauge allowed him to figure the correct wind-age compensation.
Yes, I still feel angry there was a faulty wind gauge in Edmonton - it shouldn't have happened.
97secs but for a technology cock-up which meant the wind gauge did not work and the record did not stand.
This gun features a tang-mounted vernier rear aperture, and a spirit level front sight with wind gauge.
Other instruments include an infrared detector on its belly for measuring sea-surface temperatures, two altimeters, a wind gauge and pressure sensors.
What: News media will have the opportunity tomorrow (May 18) to view a Washington state Department of Agriculture employee operate a wind gauge during the aerial gypsy moth spraying operations in Ballard.
The wind speed limit for the Sky Swing is 10 miles per second (m/s), as indicated by an electrical wind gauge in the control cabinet on the ride.
However, his winning time will not be ratified as the wind gauge reading was just over the legal limit (+2.
For the record, it was incorrectly reported Monday that wind readings aren't kept for the 200; they are, and certainly Gay is running fast enough that fans could be looking immediately from the clock to the wind gauge as they did Sunday.
A wind gauge on Arakawa Bridge in Tokyo showed wind speeds in excess of 90 kilometers per hour -- the maximum limit for train runs -- at one point.
But after a faulty wind gauge in Edmonton last August deprived him of the world junior record, a following, over-the-limit Yorkshire gust again denied him breaking ``evens``.
But he was denied a possible World Junior record as the wind gauge did not function correctly.
Statisticians initially listed the effort as the state's best mark, but later amended it as a wind-aided effort because of the lack of a wind gauge.
99sec will stay top of the rankings as there was no electronic timing or wind gauge in use at the Jarrow venue.