wind cone

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a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast

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These federal funds will allow Sullivan County International Airport to reconstruct airfield guidance signs and taxiway lighting systems and allow the airport to install a replacement wind cone navigational aid.
The wind cone can then be illuminated with approach lights specially installed nearby; I think that this is a unique solution.
This project will fund the installation of a wind cone navigational aid to improve safety and provide pilots with critical airfield information.
2 Nighttime VFR Airport beacon, runway edge lights, threshold lights, wind cone (preferably lighted).
work includes : remove and dispose existing segmented circle and wind cone, earthwork and grading, construct new segmented circle and wind cone, electrical improvements, salvage wind tee.
Grafton Municipal Airport Authority $140,783 The funds will be used to replace the airports wind cone and rehabilitate the runways lighting and vertical/visual guidance systems.
Mercer County Regional Airport: $276,000 in federal funds to construct a taxiway to provide access to the airport hangars and replace the airports segmented circle and wind cone.
Mercer County Regional Airport Authority $276,000 To construct a taxiway to access aircraft hangars and to replace the airports segmented circle and wind cone.