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The play features ubiquitous Nurse Daisy and Baby P played by an adult-sized "baby" in a teddy-patterned winceyette jump suit.
"Lay out that intricately woven life, its warp necessity, its weft circumstance: / permeability / is like that: relentless in the way it argues / unto death."(35) Again cloth is emphasized when she writes, "grosgrain winceyette nainsook/jacquard paisley stockingett jersey / duffel nankeen corduroy / twill & moleskin dimity sharkskin / calico taffeta and moire: foreskin--" (37) But could there be another image that Grace talks about here?
While the pair are not mutually exclusive, and are often to be found under the same duvet, you'll notice they tend to keep a healthy distance between themselves and always keep their winceyette pyjamas buttoned right up to the neck to avoid cross-fertilisation.
Warm winceyette woman Vicky Pepys seeks an alternative.
Put away the winceyette nightie and fish out that flimsy thing that allows the draft to swirl around your legs.
I was getting my stripy Winceyette pyjamas on in front of the fire aged nine when my mum noticed the telltale pimples.
Her attire is sensible and dowdy - home knits and winceyette nighties.
That awful old winceyette nightie I wouldn't wear that for a bet And that gadget for unscrewing jam jars Come on, I'm not past it yet!
I'm sure a big winceyette nightie would be comfy for you but would he like you to come to bed wearing one?
During my solitary year in the emporium I was taught how to make parcels, tie the appropriate knots, be personable and polite, offer alternatives to winceyette Y fronts and, in my final weeks, learn how to take a gentleman's inside leg measurement for a bespoke suit.
Among them were a volume of George Orwell's essays from our son, a wheelbarrow from me, as well as a new pair of slippers and a new pair of lovely Winceyette pyjamas, both from me.
Black remembers performing for them and their friends as a child: 'Standing there in my winceyette nightie singing an Al Johnson number, I was in my element.
MY wife suggests that instead of being fined, football hooligans should be made to shuffle around town every Saturday evening wearing pink winceyette nightgowns and pink fluffy slippers.
All he knew was that one moment he was warm and contented, dreaming comfortably in that pre-dawn fantasy land where the mind plays every sort of pleasant little game, the next bolt upright, wide-eyed, hair standing on end as he clutched his new-for-Christmas, Paisley pattern, Winceyette nightshirt about him while the sirens opened up and the savage beam of the searchlights cut through the lemon-coloured curtains.