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Synonyms for wince

Synonyms for wince

to draw away involuntarily, usually out of fear or disgust

an act of drawing back in an involuntary or instinctive fashion

Synonyms for wince

the facial expression of sudden pain

a reflex response to sudden pain


Related Words

draw back, as with fear or pain

make a face indicating disgust or dislike

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Customers also dislike phrases such as "that's our policy," cited by 22 percent of respondents, and two other related ones that scored lower on the list: "We'll get back to you on that" and "I'll have to discuss this with my supervisor." In all these statements, companies are letting callers know that agents aren't empowered to solve their issues, according to Wince. What's worse, "there's a little bit of caller frustration when I have to deal with all these extra steps," he adds.
Fittingly, Glaswegian and Rosanabad are the products of operations that have utilised Selkirk to good effect throughout his career: Glaswegian is yet another Classic prospect unearthed by Juddmonte, for whom Selkirk provided Wince (later the dam of Yorkshire Oaks winner Quiff) and Grade 2 winner Kirkwall, while Rosanabad was bred by the Aga Khan, also the breeder of Daryakana and Kastoria.
When compared to WinCE 6.0, the latest of Microsoft's WinCE7.0 brings in better user interface options with Silverlight 3.0 and Windows Embedded tools like Multi-Touch, custom gesture, Internet Explorer 7 with support for Adobe Flash 10.1 and simplified access to information through Exchange 2010 AirSync to transfer data between PCs to devices is one of the most important features in this release making it a reliable platform that gives users the power to create solutions and devices with a streamlined developer experience.
Note: Ron Wince, CEO of Guidon, a management consulting firm, provided suggestions for this article.
While some might consider exploring the history of our trinitarian creeds a dull and irrelevant exercise (or even wince at the church-dividing and institutionalizing politics involved), as the story of Spirit-led theologians struggling to order what they saw in the scriptural witness as God's intrinsic order in a dynamic relationship bearing witness to God's self, we might find kin as well as fresh insight here.
In addition, the flexible driver design supports both Microsoft WinCE Windows Zero Configuration capabilities for PPC2003 and the SyChip configuration utility.
"Junior's just like his daddy." Momma scooted close to the table, the chair's wooden feet scraping dried-out linoleum, and I tried not to wince.
WinCE Gphone will complement VLI's existing PC Gphone for Windows-based personal computers and Pocket Gphone for Pocket PC 2002-based devices.
"As a European, I normally wince at online forms that won't let me order because I don't have a five-digit ZIP code or a two-letter state.
I'M not usually the squeamish type but Celebrity's Under The Knife - ITV's documentary series about stars and their attempts to fight off old age - made me wince. The sight of an American wannabe actress having her big nose shaved - from the inside - was excruciating enough.
When police arrived, they found 19-year-old James Franklin Wince IV (the armed robber) dead.
At times, the images he thrusts at us are sharp enough to make us wince with understanding and recognition.
1984's provisions as yet another small step toward Big Brother government, while cost-conscious moderates might wince at the idea of the FBI spending its limited budget on reviewing the felony records of thousands of healthcare job applicants.
Still others, perhaps the majority of Anglican church members, may wince in pain when the subject is brought up, but remain, for the most part, silent.
Just drop into any clubhouse or wire a dugout for sound, and you will wince at the quality of the vocabulary.