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Miss Wimple disappears, emerging 5 days later as Winnie, with a grin, a Glock, a cherished "Shooter Ready!" T-shirt, and epiphanous insight into her new self.
A wimple is then placed around her head before she is introduced to the congregation by her new name.
On "The Nun's Litany," wherein the titular heroine dreams of trading in her habit and wimple for life as a topless waitress, her detached daydreaming over grinding industrial noise suggests Blondie in a food processor.
Dubai Power finished a two-length runner-up to Royal Confidence on her debut over 5f at Sandown and represents the Clive Brittain stable, which has won this in the past with Wimple and Crimplene.
One victim cut her wimple rather than allow the executioner to touch it.
Further, if the wimpling wing belongs to the vic tim, rather than the aggressor, the curious linguistic parallel with a nun's wimple becomes a possible, and even obvious, play.
Emi Wada, the costume designer, has reproduced in loving detail the yellow satin jacket trimmed in ermine, the starched white wimple and the pearly earrings of the paintings.
IX, 2), in her haste to dress when summoned during the night, accidentally puts on her head the britches of a priest who was with her in bed instead of her wimple. As a consequence, all the other sisters will henceforth be able to continue enjoying their own lovers without fear of punishment from the mother superior.
Sister Ephrem appeared in the form of a huge black-and-white swishing habit, replete with dangling rosary and too-tight wimple. Before Abiku had time to think more about the knotty-haired kid, Sister ushered them into the classroom and assigned seats-girls near the windows, separated from the boys by a wide aisle which easily accommodated her bulk.
The pantomime villain is a scheming theatrical ham, played to the comic hilt by Hugh Grant, who dons a wimple and knight's armour to steal hidden treasure that should have been claimed by an ancestor.
They, I can assure you, would not bat an eyelid if Nita had shared a picture of a mutt sporting a wimple or clerical dog-collar.
Who has traded in Ab Fab and the Bolly for a wimple? Who cuts a heavenly figure?
AFTER starring in Tori R starring in Tori Amos' new musical, The Light Princess, leading lady Laura Pitt-Pulford is now donning a wimple as Maria in The Sound of Music.
"I was straight out of the wimple from playing Shelagh Turner in Call The Midwife to no make-up, plus dirt," laughs Laura Main (Rebecca Howlett).