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Synonyms for wimpish

weak and ineffectual


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"It was a wimpish display but the most disappointing thing wasn't the Champions League place going, because the chances of that were slim anyway, it was more that we didn't secure that fourth place.
I bought a power hose last year and all of a sudden, cleaning the decking is not such a wimpish job.
Melbourne, June 22 (ANI): The human bite is stronger than that of a typical ape, proving that our skull is quite strong despite its wimpish appearance, according to a new Australian research.
Take the nonsensical and wimpish way chancellor Alistair Darling buckled to the bankers.
It may be true that liars are more likely than truth-tellers to lie about how often they lie, but some truth-tellers may see their own transparent honesty as a rather wimpish trait and therefore try to look macho by claiming to be lying more often than they really do.
Pulis was stunned last weekend when his Potters tough guys produced a wimpish performance in their 2-0 defeat against Sir Alex Ferguson's superstars.
There are giddy girls matronly mothers and heroic men--although one bodyguard Tadark more wimpish than wise "somehow drew jests from people like a flower drew bees." As well there is a legend of the bleeding moon to be deciphered an identifying birthmark to be considered mummers to be frightened of and a High Priestess to be confronted.
(I can see the selection process for cameramen back in the UK--"No, you look too wimpish, you're get done, send 'Big Dave' over there instead." A timid-looking Portuguese man swept the street, nervously draped in an English flag--obviously hoping to stave off attack.
Yet the Rob who gradually emerges is a wimpish victim, browbeaten by his idle, constipated and frigid wife Jean.
Schade himself presents a far from wimpish Don Ottavio in his angrily thrusting account of "Il mio tesoro" from Don Giovanni, yet shows he hasn't lost his ability to spin out a mellifluous line in Ferrando's "Un aura amoroso." As for Braun, he sounds equally at home on both sides of the class struggle in Le nozze di Figaro, singing the Count's "Hai gia vinta la causa" as well as Figaro's "Non piu andrai." Among the many Mozart discs scheduled for release this season, this one certainly earns a place in the record bins.
That sounds a tad wimpish but it's not, because this is a robust publication with some interesting material.
Ruth Pugh gives a controlled performance as Trevor's former girlfriend Jan, who is now in a relationship with the wimpish Nick, who constantly complains about his bad back.
But still there is an office boy frailty about him.: His legs are skinny, his forearms no threat to Popeye, and even in his facial features he is more accountant than grizzled world-class sports competitor.: In a word, he is wimpish. When he clenches his fist his knuckles don't turn white.: And that is not to decry his mental fighting instincts because he does have those in spades.: What he does not have is that little extra physical power and the spit and snort of a rugged born winner.: It's true what they say, you've either got it or you haven't.
Since September 11, 2001, an informal coalition of Islamist apologists, wimpish European leaders, and U.S.
Despite his success in the Gulf War, Bush was only Reagan's wimpish "deputy" and, in any event, with Saddam remaining in power, he really did fail to lick the Vietnam syndrome.