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Synonyms for wimp

Synonyms for wimp

a person who lacks confidence, is irresolute and wishy-washy

a hypothetical subatomic particle of large mass that interacts weakly with ordinary matter through gravitation

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It is indeed a challenge to develop light WIMP detectors with low-threshold energy of the order of eV.
Although we haven't detected a WIMP yet, we can now put limits on these two properties, because we know what each experiment would be sensitive to (see graph, facing page).
If WIMPs don't exist, two huge gaps in that understanding persist.
When you really want to enjoy music, maybe listen to a couple of consecutive albums, I recommend WiMP HiFi.
And while the XENON100 experiment found no dark matter signal in 100 days of testing, the researchers' newly calculated upper limits on the mass of WIMPs and the probability of their interacting with other particles are the best in the world, said UCLA physics professor Katsushi Arisaka, a member of the international collaboration.
Local market adaptation is an important success factor for the WiMP, and WiMP in Denmark will be a service adapted for Danish users.
You are not being a wimp, you are standing up for your right to feel safe.
I am such a wimp. I know I was screaming when I was hit.
"Every so often, a Wimp will bounce off an atom in the detector, creating a very tiny little signal.
The protagonist is 15-year-old-sophomore Tom Mayo, who the donkeys (the popular kids or "the in-crowd") call "Miracle Wimp." He is an un-athletic nerd, good in school, and thus, though he is interested in girls and dating, he remains at the bottom of the social hierarchy and subject to wedgies at any moment the donkeys desire to give him one.
In the old days, guys called you a wimp if you wore gloves when you worked on cars.
But whatever you do, please don't just wimp out on it.
I've tried to cut back, but whenever I do I feel like a wimp.--No Way Out, Newark NJ The fact is, you are pushing your body beyond its ability to recover.
Q PLEASE don't think I'm a wimp for writing about this, but it's really getting me down.