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causing to become limp or drooping


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solute reflection coefficient close to unity; see Knipfer and Fricke 2010), and that permanent wilting occurs when the total soil matric plus osmotic head, [h.sub.t], reaches 150 m:
An agricultural officer, however, told him the wilting was due to insufficient moisture affecting the young shoots.
Steam is effective for wilting leaves, but using a home steamer is very slow-going because you'll have to stand in each spot for several minutes.
The disease frequency data was analysed and converted into definite data by using the following way: 0 to 10% wilting is resistant, 11 to 89% wilting is intermediate and >90% wilting is susceptible according to disease incidence score of Sharma et al.
Under these conditions, wilting and loss of freshness were significantly slowed thereby keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 3-5 days more inside the chamber than outside.
In all infected palms common noticed symptoms was wilting and finally death of the plant (Bhanwar et al., 2013).
The first data regarding to wilting was recorded 21 days after sowing and then on weekly basis.
2 = moderate or severe yellowing of leaves with or without wilting, stunting, severe rot on taproot and secondary roots, crown rot with or without hypocotyls rot, and vascular discoloration in the stem,
Here we document cases of avocado trees observed wilting throughout Florida and the ambrosia beetles that have emerged from wood samples from those trees.
However, some strains invade the water-conducting tissue (xylem) and restrict the flow of water and cause wilting.
If leaves drop without wilting, it's likely that your plant has been put in hot or cold draughts, or hasn't enough light.
CANCER patients in Birmingham have been "wilting" during the heatwave because of strict hospital policies, it has been claimed.
The reader wrote that it wasn't an insect, disease or soil problem, rather the wilting is caused by a valuable garden resource near the plot--a black walnut tree.
Older systems in the GVRD face a problem, however, says Senior Engineer Paul Wilting: they have combined sewers carrying both wastewater and storm water.